Prayer for Healing and Hope

Lor, our family is broken in ways that are finding us all in despair. My son is in prison, my grandaughter is dealing with sexual assault, at only 6 years old, Our house is a crime scene, with deep dark places that trigger the pain of my son’s fractured spirit. Please, as only you can, bring us laughter from our tears, joy where there is heartache, forgiveness from our bitterness, clarity from our confusion, connections where there is lonliness, and most of all teach us to become closer to you as in prayer.

There is hope, a mystery beyond words and human comprehension, Lord we need divine compassion and the strength of David. We ask this in your as we praise you for all our blessings, AMEN

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  1. To Anonymous

    Thank you for that wonderful prayer for my son to find peace and to be the bearer of it, he has done just that, while in prison he is helping others come to Christ. If it weren’t for God’s intervention, my son would have committed suicide, so I guess the Lord always knows when families have had enough and can’t bear to face another minute without his grace and goodness. As far as my granddaughter, she seems to have moved on and life for her as a 7 year old is sleepovers, Justin Bieber, and watching Sprout on TV. The Lord works in miraculous ways. Thanks be to God!!!!!

  2. For You

    May your granddaughter have all the courage and love within her and around her that she needs throughout her life.

    May your son finds peace and righteousness that he may be the bearer of it.

    May you and your family put God in everything and love oneself enough that you may start loving and caring for each other.

  3. Family Prayers to you

    I pray for your family to have healing from all the turmoil you have faced. Let God into your life and soul. â€

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