Prayer for Healing and Happiness

by Carol ()

Dear Lord,

I need your help in so many ways. My heart was broken and shattered by a person who I wanted so bad to have a life with and he turned me away. He did not see me fit as his partner in life and cheated on me and now I am alone again. I am trying to meet someone who I can be happy with but, this may be impossible. I find little hope and I am so miserable and alone. This person who let me go is a miserable and bitter person who can find little good in people around him. He is cynical and arrogant. But, I took him as he was and tried to make him happy while he complained about his failing health and was very judgemental. I tried to make him happy and but, I felt he never truly loved me. He used and strung me along until he was ready to date again. He was seeing other people the last four months we were together with him finding excuses not to see me in-between. He promised marriage to me the day after his open heart surgery only to be under the influence of morphine. He never mentioned to me those precious words I have not heard since 1986. That was exactly one year ago this month!!! Little did I know that I would be looking for love again. Please heal my broken heart and help me to find real happiness again with someone who will treasure and love me for life! I ask this in your holy name, Jesus Christ! AMEN

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