Prayer for Healing and Good Health

Thank you Lord for your gift of prayer and health. I come to you in a special way to offer prayers for myself and my loved ones.

Lord I lift up to you all the nodules and lumps found in my body. Lay Your hands upon me Lord that all these growths will remain benign. I ask that You pour your healing power upon me and restore me to the fullness of health. Forgive me my sins against you and against my fellowmen and clear me Lord of anything, mind, body , soul and spirit that may be cause any sickness.

I pray also for my husband that he may continue to have good health and safety. Wash away all unhealthy cells in our bodies, clear any blocked veins or arteries, remove infections or inflammations. Heal us of any stress also that can cause sickness.

Please hep my doctor identify my slightly elevated tumor marker for the colon and i praise and thank you for the good results i got for my breast exam. May the mass in my left breast remain benign. Thank you for the ct scan results that show the nodules in both lungs remain the same and didnt change in size. I pray it remains that way and if possible Lord please remove it altogether.

I pray also that my liver goes back to its normal size please and please heal me of my mouth sores.

Lord i also pray for the ff people who are sick. Please heal them and allow their treatments to succeed in making them well: uzma, maureen, buddy,uncle rolly, nanay, mia, millie, rory, necfee, auntie luding, liza and all those whom I have promised to pray for and all those who are sick. Please restore their health. These I pray through the name of Jesus and the intercession of the blessed mother and sts pio, st jude and at therese.