Prayer for Healing and Deliverance

Dear brother/sister, I want to request kindly for your prayers for myself to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am 29 years old. Always walked away from God knowing His goodness and mercy. Went on my way, running away from this world and parents. Committed a sin and contracted a virus.

Now for four years been tormented by some health condition and now especially i am like at the edge of life. Many times i think of suicide, but again think of my family. I was very talented and was over and above active man, but now i feel like a disabled man. My whole body has gone imbalanced. No hope at all. My career is going down, my life and my future, my education.

Not sure what to do. Doctors not helping and giving up. in a total dark place of life. Is there hope for me. I think of my family especially at this time. Please i request you humbly to pray for me. I have tried to be open, as a confession as well. At least God would have mercy on me.

I can feel I am oppressed deeply by the devil. Please pray for me. Thank you very much. May God’s will be done.

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