Prayer for healing and a miracle

by Mariyam (Columbus Ohio)

Lord God Almighty

My mother has been suffering from Arthritis for couple of years now and has been recently very ill. She has been going through a tough time breathing and doing normal chores. The doctors diagnosed her condition as pulmonary fibrosis in her lungs because of her arthritis and has pneumonia due to cough, cold and breathlessness.

Her lungs are very weak Lord and she is suffering a lot. Please, appa, provide her with the healing of her condition and make her lungs strong to support her breath. Please be with her and give her the strength she needs during such a tough time in our lives. Please provide us and guide us to take care of her and her treatment effectively.

Appa you are the almighty and the one who can raise the dead, cure the deadly and forgive the unforgiven. Lord please hear my prayers and help in the healing of my mom’s illnesses.
All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ.

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