Prayer for healing after paralysis, and for sale of home in foreclosure

Blessed St Joseph, I call on you at this time when I feel helpless and lost in all that has gone on in my life these past 2 years. Since the day of my paralysis, I have pushed so hard to heal my physical body to get back to what it once was, yet in focusing on that, so many other things have fallen into an absolute disaster.

My home is in foreclosure, my marriage has fallen apart, I am now a single mom of amazing twin girls who rely on me for it all, and now live on social security disability as I have lost my successful career ~ which have compounded matters as I was the family breadwinner and can no longer work, and my husband has done nothing to earn any more. I am calling on you for your blessed intercession for my woes as you have done for so many others that I know you have when they’ve called on you.

I am casting myself at your feet in utter mercy for your assistance in selling my home that is in foreclosure; that you guide a buyer to my home and aide them in their decision to buy it, and it be profitable; and that you guide me and my lawyers in the suit against the doctors who punctured my spinal cord leaving me disabled and to never be the same person again. I beg and pray to you St Joseph that you help me learn to live in the present and not the past…to move forward in a new life not comparing it to the former one ~ I pray the sale of my house could be the first step in moving forward for both me and my daughters.

I ask for you to guide me and give me strength when I doubt all that is going on; show me the way to know that it is God’s way that will prevail, and that through your intercession, these obstacles will never leave me and my faith astray. I ask this all of you in Jesus’s name. Amen.

I also would like to pray for my mom who is not feeling well with her legs, and hands, my step-dd who needs another bck surgery living in unimaginable pain, the my niece J finds her way as she seems to have lost it, and that my sister acts like a mom to her children, not their friend. amen!

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