Prayer for healing after nearly a decade of ups and downs and eventually infidelity

by Joshua (United States)

Lord only you know what is truly in our minds and in our hearts. I ask for you to cover my fiance and I in your glorious love and take us under your wing and guide us as we heal.

We should have married long ago and that being said could our joining as one in your eyes have prevented the substance abuse, emotional roller coaster, and eventually infidelity in the relationship between soul mates that you brought together, gifted each other, and clearly have been called to be together. Do not get me wrong we have been together almost a decade, raised beautiful children and have countless cherished memories.

Only us and You Lord know that we have not relied on our faith through our entire journey Lord. But we have been and will continue to seek to praise you in all your glory and cover each other in prayer every day and hope that this pleases you. Heavenly father please give us patience, respect vision and comfort in this time of dire need. I pray that you will heal broken hearts, bind up wounds and help us to feel secure in each others love and Yours. Lord guide us in your ways as we continue and seek to live in your Word.

I pray for each of us to receive emotional stability forgiving hearts and though we try, may we understand that only you can truly provide these. Lord I pray that it is your will and to have your blessing that we get be joined in holy matrimony for our families to bare witness and to be joined as one in your eyes Lord. May our love and respect for each other only grow as you mold us into the precious family that you have brought us together to be. Help us to grow in your image and resist the temptations of the flesh and earth and bless our communion until death do us part.

In the name of our exalted leader and Lord Jesus Christ I pray…. Amen

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