Prayer for Healing after a Stroke

by Patrick Njoroge (Nairobi)

I am almost 39 and i need a miracle prayer so that my weak body would be healed. I have been suffered from stroke almost 3 years. I ask our Heavenly Father to forgive my sins and heal me from my suffering body. My right leg and hand is weak. So, I ask for your prayers to help me so I could recover from this disease.

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  1. Prayer for Stroke healing

    May you find continued strength and healing in the future. I pray you experience health improvement blessings due to your stroke. I pray you find peace of mind.

    In Jesus, amen.

  2. For you to be healed

    I pray that the Lord Jesus will heal you of your weakness. Jesus healed the sick people when he was on the earth and I believe that he can heal us today. Jesus can do all things. He is our creator. Pray, Jesus , I love you, please heal me . every day. May the Lord heal you and protect you.

  3. Pray for a full recovery from a Massive stroke

    On 12/14/2017 Jim suffered from a massive stroke which has left him paralyzed on the right side of his body, leaving him unable to move his right arm and hand , right leg and foot and unable to talk. Lord God please Bless James that he fully recovers from this stroke, that will allow him to return to work and live a healthy life once again. This I pray to you God in Jesus name amen and amen .

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