Prayer for Healing a Broken Neck

by Catherine (Columbus, OH USA)

Dear Heavenly Father, please help. A very special friend’s mom had fallen over the weekend (July 26) and shattered the 2nd vertebrae in her neck.

After several hours of surgery, the surgeon emerged telling my friend that her mom is in dire need of round the clock care and assistance, and her neck may never heal, or properly since she’s 72. My friend may have to quit her job in order to remain at home to convalesce her mother.

A stay at home nurse is too expensive way out of their budget. This injury is so devastating that I asked God why he just didn’t take her while she was on the table. I know there’s probably a reason why she survived, but my friend is a non-believer and is letting her grief run her over.

Please help me pray for her recovery. Thank You to all who send your prayers with me.

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