Prayer for healing a broken heart

by Vic (GA)

Dear Lord, I’m down on bended knees asking, begging for your mercy. I am overwhelmed with the situation I’m in and I know you are there to guide me. I just need to feel your hands holding me, guiding me, & helping me hold on to what little sanity I have left. Dear God, I beg you to take the pain away. I can’t handle this without you. Forgive me Lord for all of my sins, I know there many but please forgive me. Stay with me Lord, take me in your hands and never let go. I’m so lonely and afraid God of what this is/will do to me. I didn’t see it coming but its here. Lord, just keep me close to you and stay with me. I need you Lord, I love you Lord.

All these things I ask in your heavenly name,

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