Prayer for healed heart, strength to move forward with Your vision

by Anonymous ()

Dear Father,

I humbly come as Your servant, and the hope to be Your instrument here on earth. My heart hurts and has for five years, after the sudden dissolving of my marriage after 17 years with no explanation, remorse or regret from my husband. Then, almost 2 years ago, my heart was broken again by a man who I believed could be trusted as he was a longtime friend. I still mourn the relationship with this man, although he has “moved on,” as my husband did – without taking any responsibility for hurtful actions towards me. Help me heal so I can accept the love you have for me, Lord, and not replay over and over the things that have happened in the past, and hoping for a different result. Help me accept that things need to be left in the past, forgiven, and help me to know I am on the right path. I know You have a purpose for my life and I pray I can clear my heart so I may fulfill it, Lord. Please sooth my heart and my conscience, and light my way so in my saddened moments I can see through Your eyes. I pray with all that is in me to be the conduit of Your will, and that I am pleasing to Thee.

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