Prayer for having a responsible,loving and humble boyfriend

by Charity (Pasay, Manila, Philippines)

O Lord God Almighty, I have a boyfriend who is childish and for more than a year of our relationship I always gave and treat him the way he should be treated. But I noticed he is so lazy, do not want to stay in a job and he is very childish in a way that he just want to spend his money for renting a computer; to eat in a fast food and do not want to spend his money for his own necessity. He do not want to treat me and always hiding his money to me.

I love him and I was praying that someday he realized how to be a good and responsible boyfriend to me. I have my own money and at my young age I started to be a bread winner who supported my family since then. I claimed that one day I woke up that he want to be the best dad in the world for our future kids.