Prayer for happiness

St Jude, after the loss of a relationship that I expected to last forever, I am finding it hard to move on. It is so hard to let go of the future I had planned for us. I forgot how to be happy without a partner. I pray that I can once again find happiness, first alone and then to share it with another.

I know that there are more people out there who can be just as, if not more compatible with me than my last boyfriend. Please help me find peace so that I may be open and ready for love when the next person comes into my life.

Please help me to accept that my last realtiinship is over or to have patience if there is a chance he could come back. He is a good person and we got along perfectly. It’s hard to have a deep connection with someone one day and then the next they are gone forever.

Please help me find peace within myself. I am most thankful for the long way I have come in thr last four weeks.

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