Prayer for Happiness


Dear Lord,

Before you I pray for happiness/strength. My ex-boyfriend has left me pregnant with no support. He has made threats to proceed in the court-system to never pay child support to force me into getting an abortion.

He has said hurtful things and become deceitful along the way. Please Lord bring back my strength and happiness to believe in myself, so I know I am worthy of someone better.

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  1. Miracles

    I’m so sorry. I was also left when I was pregnant. I got my boyfriend back and he left me again. He also, at 4 months suggested I have an abortion. He denies it now. I’ve prayed for 8 years that God change his ways. Your baby is a blessing and I can tell you, you are in a much better place already looking for strength and happiness. You do deserve better. God Bless you. I also believe in miracles please keep us posted.

  2. No weapon

    I lift you up in mind, body and spirit by the authority of the Holy Spirit and claim life and PROSPERITY over you in the name of Jesus. As a child of God, oh Lord deliver her from the snare of maldition of her ex-boyfriend as your promise we claim, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST HER SHALL PROSPER BUT EVERY TONGUE THAT RISETH UP AGAINST HER SHE SHALL SHOW IN THE WRONG BEFORE HER ENEMIES. This is your promise Lord and just as to “Whom the Son sets free, He sets free indeed”, she and he baby shall be delivered and in fact, it will backfire. You can tell the ex-boyfriend of yours it is he who in the hot seat; No judge is going to deny you child-support and henceforth, less he looks forward to being in jail as a dead-beat father, I suggest he seriously get his act together and treat you with respect less Almighty God contend for you–better for you to contend with him as a daughter of a Loving Saviour rather than God Himself who despises his suggestion. Idiot. His only saving grace is that even God loves the idiots. Amen.

  3. God bless you

    God bless you and give you strength. May He lead you to people, family, friends and loved ones who can help and support you at this time.

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