Prayer for happiness and a successful married life

by Bcbb ()

heavenly father, i thank you for letting me share and post my prayer request for happiness and a successful and bountiful married life.. hoping that someone will pray together with me..

i pray to you lord Jesus, to have mercy on me and put an end to my sufferings and depressions due to my unappreciative family both sides, financial crisis, end of my contract in work, jealous relatives and friends that so rounds us wanting to see us fail on whatever business me and my boyfriend strive to.

I pray that you will open there hearts and minds and help them realize the kind of goodness and love the we(my boyfriend and I is giving them and using it as our weakness.. I pray heavenly father please be our shield and protector from these cruel and evil intentions.please touch there hearts to find peace for I will continue loving them and forgive them.

I pray heavenly father, that with your generous and merciful heart allow me to wear even simple wedding dress with the man i devotedly love for 11 years and unite us with the holy matrimonial vows with your seal of love, protection and guidance..for i been wanting to have and build a family of my own.

I’m already in my mid 30’s and this fear of being alone always frightens me and losing the man that i love scares me.. lord god, i pray to you to grant my boyfriend good health for he has hypertension and ulcer, i pray for his healing that you cast out every bad cell in his body and give him very long joyous and productive and successful life together with me. i also i pray lord god that you grant mom and and my family good health and harmonious life at home and so as well with my my boyfriends’s family.

heavenly father, i put everything to your hand and i pray for your forgiveness for i know i committed mistakes in your me lord..please be with me and please let me see you in everything that i look..bless me oh lord god..bless the man that i love..bless our families..bless our true friends..and bless the one that offers to pray together with me..amen.

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