Prayer for Gwendolyn

(Biloxi, MS)

Father God, we come asking you to incline thine ear to us and grant us peace, hear our prayer O Lord. A very special friend, Gwendolyn was diagnosed with Stage IV Urachal Cancer in October 2011. She has been through some very trying times and feels betrayed by her oncologist, who “gave up” on her, only giving palliative care and a misleading diagnosis.

This continued until April 25th. After being discharged to hospice, the oncologist refused to see her again and hospice urged her to “die with dignity” and to stop seeking treatment at area emergency rooms. She has experienced acute-upon-chronic renal failure, but keeps being healed and function returns to normal time and time again. O Lord we thank you for your blessing, thank you for suffering and dying on the Cross just for us. By thy stripes, WE ARE HEALED! We need you right now, dear Lord, the top specialist in the nation at MD ANDERSON refused to see Gwendolyn, stating that this rare cancer had gone too far, and that had she presented to her at the beginning of the diagnosis, there were treatments available.

Father God, we cannot change the past, you’ve given us the gift of today. Lift her spirits dear Lord, we pray because YOU ARE THE MASTER PHYSICIAN!! Oh God, you made us. Right now, by the power you gave your Church, we bind up urachal cancer, calling it by name, rebuking it right now, in the name of JESUS!! We bind up the lung metastasis, rebuking it in the name of JESUS!! Father God, you are a miracle worker, all power of life is in Your hand. You are a compassionate God, you have heard my cry so many times and you have always heard and answered!

Thank you dear Lord!! We bind up the hematuria which is causing her so much pain, in the mighty name of JESUS!! We come to you calling out the demonic spirits surrounding her life, we bind up the lack of family support, we even bind up the tongues and words of those who have spoken death upon her in the name of Jesus. We rebuke the demonic spirits which are not like you dear Lord, binding them here in Earth, loosing them in the name of JESUS!! We will forever give your name the highest praise.

Thy will be done, oh Lord we pray. We come asking you to prolong Gwendolyn’s life in the name of JESUS!! She has children to rear and you know her situation with her adopted child. Please grant her PEACE in the name of Jesus! Please send her a comforter and teach us Lord, how to deal with every perplexing situation dwelling among us. We stand in faith, asking all of this in the name of JESUS! Be with her caregivers, may they help with healing, rather than hindering it. We bind up the ridicule in Jesus’ name! Thank you God for sending your Holy Spirit. Please order the steps of her youngest son, keep him covered in your protection we pray, giving him the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of FAITH.

We cast out the spirit of speaking death rather than life. We will not accept anything less because Gwendolyn is still with us and able to care for her own personal needs…she walks without assistance. For these things, we praise your Holy Name! Grant our petition we beg of you dear Lord. We come humbly, asking for deliverance. It is in Jesus’ Name that we pray this intercessory prayer. We love you, Lord, with all of our heart and soul. Amen!! Already done, thanks be to GOD!!