Prayer for Guidance

by Tara (New Jersey)

I am struggling with wether or not to continue to keep talking to a man I met online. In the beginning it was very nice and we connected but lately he seems to be distant and non talkative. He does contact me sometimes but not until after I stopped contacting him for almost a full day.

He says he will call or text much the last few days has not and I am really unsure as if I should pursue him anymore. I pray for a sign and don’t want to miss it. I do talk to some other people online and one seems very nice, but I do not want to get too involved with him till I know what is going on with the first man.

I thought we were talking and getting to know each as toward a relationship possibly in the future but now I have not a clue. I need guidance as to know what to do.

Thank yoU!

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