Prayer for Guidance

by Nice (Philippines)

Dear Lord,

For 27 years, you blessed me with kindness and guided me through my journey. I’m so grateful lord and thank you.
I have a request, from Matthew 7:7 “you said ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you”. If I ask to have business will you give it to me? If I seek for riches will you help me find it? And I’m knocking at your door to beg this request will be granted will you open it? I’m in need of your help and guide me lord. My income is not enough to provide our needs the household bills, our daily food and other stuff that we need. My husband has no job, were living in my parents house. How can I keep up with my life I kept worrying a lot of things. I really wanted to live on our own unfortunately we can’t, I have to consider my mother has diabetes and my elder brother also they need medication, they can’t pay the bills and their daily needs. That why I choose to stay to help them but still not enough. What should I do? All I ever wanted is to provide them financial support and security. I want to accomplish more in life, Lord please do help me. Enlighten me, If working abroad will be the answer to our difficulties, will you help me seek an opportunity and good employer? I will do whatever it takes just to change our way of living just to provide them easier life. I will put my faith and trust in you Lord, you will be my strength when I’m weak, you’ll be my eye when I can’t see, you will be my voice when I can’t speak. Just always reminded me by your loving presence Lord, Amen.

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