prayer for guidance understanding and strength

by Christy (Tx)

Dear lord first I want to thank you for coming back into my life and planting your love there. Even though I am only seventeen I thank you for giving me a great boyfriend who knows you in his heart thank you for all that you do and all that you have dine please keep guiding me and help me get back into school so I can get my education and make something of myself please plant your love in my fathers heart because I. Know he’s going through a lot to in his life please give him back his faith in you and please keep guiding him please answer his prayers also. Please keep sheltering me with your hand and when I do have to go through tribulations please give me strength to get through it thank you lord for listening to my prayer and loving me please answer all my loved ones prayers and please touch Aimee … I love you Jesus and if there’s anything I forgot to say please take it from my heart.

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