Prayer for guidance to pay-off my Bank loan.

by Iya (Philippines)

Almighty Father, I am sorry for my wrong decisions that made my life in trouble now. I was not able to have the self control and was so impulsive in my actions. Sorry I did not wait your plans for me. I repented it so much. Lord please have mercy on me and I am asking your help to the right direction to solve my problem in financial. From the past I keep asking you all the favors your so kind to lift me up and I am so thankful for it. I am ashamed for calling you again for my recurring mistakes but I sincerely need you Lord to give me strength and courage to face this trouble of mine . Take away all my fears and anxiety. I don’t know how to face all these people especially my brother to whom I made a big mistake. I try to make my life organized but it seems something is blocking that pushes me to do evil thing. I repented so much for doing so. I need you miracle to solve this crisis I am facing now. I know I have to suffer the consequences of my wrong decision. Lord I lift up to you just give more strength as I am weak and helpless. In Jesus name have mercy on me.

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