Prayer for Guidance to Find a Job

by Marilyn (Summit,Illinois)

Dear Lord, I am worried and need a job soon. You know my needs and you know my strengths and weaknesses. What I ask God is that you find me a job close to home, one that I can do my best in and make You proud of me, have money to keep a roof over me and have extra to give back to You and others.

Forgive me God of my sins and make me the woman You want me to be, more loving, more giving, more caring, more faithful to you. Help me to not be greedy and a glutton with food as I have been. Please help me change into a more Godly woman and please you and one day see you is what I ask you.

Thank you God that I can come to you and you are here for me what would I do if I didn’t have you. So in the name of Jesus I trust in you I will get a job very soon and I thank you God for all you have done for me in the past. Praise your Name Lord Jesus…..

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