Prayer for guidance, strength, and justice

Dear Father God I am surrendering to you, and allowing you to take complete and utter control over my situation with my broken marriage. I am also seeking courage, and strength to be strong in my roller coaster situation. My husband has had an affair, he is lying to me, he is abandoning me, and he emotionally abuses me along with physical abuse that is involved.

I also beg for you to help him realize that he is surrounding himself with bad friends who dont have his best interest. Father God I am asking you to heal my husbands mind, body, and soul. I am also asking you to help him to realize what he is doing to me. I ask you father god to just put your hands on my heart and heal me from the emotional pain that i am feeling and that i have to endure.

Please help me to stand up for myself, and to protect myself and my rights. I am a human being and i deserve to be treated with respect, and love. Amen. I love you father god.