Prayer for guidance strength and happiness.

Dear, lord I come to you seeking guidance I am so lost I don’t know why I exist in this world. I try so hard to help and be good to everyone. Why so I feel so worthless I’ve hit rock bottom this pain is to much to bear.

The other night I tried to leave this world and I honestly don’t know how I’m still here or why if all I do is get rejected and hurt by the one I love. I was so happy for once in my life why did that have to get taken away? Why do I feel like I’m such a loser never to be loved and held? I ask one thing from you Lord and that’s to help be happy again I want that company and love I had. I need you to help take these painful thoughts of suicide from me.

I don’t wanna harm myself again that’s not who I am. Please dear lord help me in this time to have strength and find that happiness I had. Please be by my side help me to not feel so alone in this world. Please bring back my love and the wonderful relationship we had I don’t wanna lose that I don’t wanna lose someone that means so much to me.

Please hear and answer my prayer in Jesus name amen.

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