Prayer for guidance, peace and my daughter

(In my heart)

Dear Lord, I pray and ask that you direct and guide my path, help me to find the way in which I need to lead. Lord, I asked that you please remove me from situations that cause confusion, help me to keep a still tongue and bring nothing that will cause strife, disharmony and ill feeling toward anyone out of my mouth. Lord I ask that you show me the resources so that I can own my own car and house so that I can have a peace of mind, a sense of dependency and my daughter can grow up in a lovely, stable home. I pray that my daughter is not affected by the abuse and pray that she will continue to grow and know the difference between love and control. I pray that we all of our needs are met and we will never need or want for anything. I pray that she wins Student of The Year and continue to remain focus and make a positive impact on the younger generation. I pray that her Ribbons are go global and she is able to assist much more Bahamian with her Ribbons. Lord please guide and protect me. Lord help me not to hate or slander anyone. Help me to focus on you and to have a peace of mind. Lord please take the speck out of my eyes so that I can see clearly and help me not to judge anyone. Lord I pray and ask for great health and strength, long life, and to always be here for my daughter. Lord, I ask that you continue to bless us and keep us out of harm’s way. Lord I ask this pray in Jesus Name Amen.

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