Prayer for guidance in what i should be really doing with my life

by Shanice (Nelspruit,Mpumalanga,South Africa)

My Lord i ask in your name to just show me the way. I am lost, confused and angry. I am not a failure and also not a give upper but it feels like the more i have strenght to get up and move on its when things start to actually get worse by day. would you please give me a sign somehow on what i should do.

i have been prayer for a bursary but all have got is rejection after rejection. i have been prayer to get a job to at least also to be able to pay for my studies but yet still no one has come back to me. i am so lose and i can’t find my way. Please just let something happen in my life because my faith is declining by the day and i have debts to pay and don’t know how i am going to pay for them.

I need strength, i need a miracle, i need my faith, and i need you. i am grateful for all that i have in my life its more than enough but then sometimes i need a helping hand which is you.

In Jesus name I pray

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