Prayer for guidance in repairing my broken relationship

by S.R (Pennsylvania)

Dear father God,

I come to you seeking your guidance in repairing my broken relationship. I lost my boyfriend of 3 years over something that could’ve been avoided. My love for him is immense. I’m hurting so bad because we’ve been through a lot during our time together. I want to lift my hands to you and thank you father God for changing his life and keeping him on the right path. He has been an inspiration to me and to changing my life with you. Leading me on the path of being your servant and obedient to your word.

Father God, help to remove the stubbornness his has in his heart and help him to see that my love for him is true. We are growing on a religious path together to serve you more diligently. I accept that what I did was wrong and I want to ask for forgiveness. I also ask that you mend the trust issues that we have between each other.

I’m asking father God just to put the trust back and make everything right between us.