Prayer for guidance in my decision making

by Liz (United Kingdom: Birmingham)

Please brothers and sisters, help me to pray for guidance in my day to day decisions. I constantly end up doing things in such an unorganised manner, for example, I start more than three jobs at the same time, or whenever I want to do a particular task, my mindset always wonder to many other thoughts.

Although I mostly accomplish these tasks, I need your guidance prayers for order in the way I should organise my tasks. As I am sure there are others like myself, can we all pray for them too? Thank you in advance, for I know, where there is many, there’s is also strength in those numbers. God be with you all.

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  1. Please Lord give Liz the strength and Wisdom she needs

    Please Lord hear Liz’s prayer
    In your Name Jesus

  2. God bless, and good luck

    Liz, you’re not alone and yours is a wise request. I make many of the same mistakes, in terms of not always prioritizing and trying to do everything all at once rather than do one thing at time and in sequence.

    Prayers go out to you.


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