Prayer for guidance in making decision about care facility for loved one


Tonight my soul is troubled and I feel overwhelmed by the decision which rests on my shoulders. Someone who once helped me as a child now needs me to help them. My friend no longer possesses a sound mind & tomorrow I must select a facility where that friend will likely live for the rest of his/her life. There is no one else to make this selection and I am saddened and scared by the magnitude of this challenge – especially when I know that my friend just wants to come home. Tonight I cannot rest. I cannot sleep. I cannot bear the thought that my friend is locked in a ward longing for home and that I must take actions in the morning which means my friend will never see home again. I know it is necessary, and right, and unavoidable. I also know that it hurts so very much.

Please grant me rest so that my mind will be clear. Please be with me Lord as I visit these long term care facilitates. Please use me as an instrument to serve your purpose in this decision because I know you love us both and that, somehow, this is all part of your plan. Grant me strength and wisdom. Help me to know your will and recognize your guidance. Please have mercy on my friend and on me.

Thank you for your perfect, everlasting love and for the comfort of prayer. Please let the next person facing such a challenge stumble upon this message and I pray it will give them some comfort and let them know they are not as alone as they may feel.


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