Prayer for Guidance, Financial Breakthrough and Happiness in Family

by Brenda (Michigan)

Father God I really do thank you and love but I am at a point in my life where I feel like I’m hitting a break wall in my life my relationships with my children my family and my boyfriend are at an everyday battle God I ask u to bind and demolish all evil and bad spirits around my family

around me Lord Jesus cover us in your blood please forgive us for our sins and God restore faith and happiness in our hearts and minds so that we can be at peace with one another God I need u to set our finances straight so that we may take care of our family without struggle and left the financial burdens.

lord Jesus we need u everyday and I want to thank u for what we do have and what we can do and the das that u remove those bad spirits out of our path lord Jesus we owe everything to u because it could be worse father God o love u and I thank u and I have faith that all the difficulties shall soon pass and we will be on our path to greatness loving each other glory to God Amen