Prayer for Guidance and strength

I actually didn’t like the place and how the way they run things. There were so many not good things in that workplace.Everything is so backward and incomprehensible. I tried my very best to cope with it but it seems that no matter what I do I cant be in their group.

I tried to give those people the benefit of the doubt that maybe what i have heard from others were just wrongly misinterpreted but it seems that all the points direct me to believing that they are evil. I just pray that God, in his power and justice will prevail the real Truth. There were a lot of innocent human being that is at stake in here.

Their future are being deprived of privileges and opportunities that they should have experienced. And if I am wrong and just being blinded, then let me see the real truth so i would understand them fully.

To be honest although I am uncertain of the future because of me losing the job,i feel that there is a thorn taken out from my body. Maybe because no matter how i tried to understand the way they run things, there is an inner voice in me that can’t take it.

So God, with my situation right now, please give me the strength to carry on with my daily activities until my last day in that place.I also pray for your guidance and protection against those people and forces that may plot things against me.

Protect also the other workers in that place that have good honest heart and keep them safe.