Prayer for Guidance and Strenght

by Tony (LA)

Lord guide me to find the right partner for me,who will share with me all i have all i am and all i will be. Guide me in my choice Jesus,help me fall in love with the one person you know will be best for me as I have fallen but have been disappointed by the actions and behaviors of this woman who you have cross along my path.

Help me make the right decision, As I am making a decision within the next two week with the person that I am with. If she is the one for me, you will closed any obstacles that we have and any misunderstandings and any stubbornness and resentments that she holds in her heart. Father, make her see the good in life but if she is not for me give me the strength and the wisdom to let her go even though my heart will be broken. But I have to trust that you want the best for me.

IF she is the one for me, give this person the love, and make her humble so that she will strengten me through life’s tears and inspire me to see all the goodness and happiness of two people living their life together with You,their dear God,in their midst. Amen. –