Prayer for guidance and good luck

Lord, I want to thank you for all you have done for me and all that you will continue

to help me do in my life. I want to ask that you give me the strength that I need to make it out of this difficult moment in my life. All I ask is that through your power and blessing that I am able to fulfill my potential as a person. Amen!

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  1. HELP

    Please help and guide me I have had terrible 10 years Please help me to see the end of this bad Luck Thank You

  2. HELP

    Please help and guide me I have had terrible 10 years Please help me to see the end of this bad Luck Thank You

  3. SOS to God

    l love you just Jesus…

    you alone know my heart desire. help me and I promise to love you for ever. Amen

  4. oh jesus'jesus

    I want to thank you because i came into some money-,, not a whole lot but i truly did need it. Thank you thank you thank you sincerely lin E


    Thank u God for all your help and for giving me strength to Carry on,u have been there for me in the hardest of times to guide me through and this I thank you and I love u AMEN

  6. Thank You

    This prayer has always made me feel confident and latter that transformed itself into positive events, You must be patient and believe in yourself, positive affirmations….

  7. Thank you LORD

    Last Night in Florida a squall of bad weather past with tornadoes I haven’t checked further to find out if anyone else was effected buy I buttoned down the hatches and went to bed early, Suffice to say this morning in beautiful and sunny and cool, I may have bad weather and money problems but at least I’m safe, thanks to you

  8. Thank you

    Dear father please continue to guide me and make me the man I need to be to be able to provide for my children once again and become a strong man once again.Give me the strength to carry my own cross and relieve my children remove the burden from the mothers of my children and pass it on to me.I WILL in your name stand with all the weight they carry with ease as a man,brother,father and your son!Help me lord for I have become weak and useless!my children need me back on my feet.i love you AMEN!

  9. Marriage Life

    Oh Lord we have been married for nine years now & life has gone thorugh so many ups & downs please Lord we beg you to help us to end this struggle now please be by our side to watch over our heads & help us protect us from evil & protect us from people who trying to create trouble into our life please Lord we forgive them as well,Please Almighty be with us in our lives we realy need your blessings,please don’t keep blessings away from us now bless us with Holy Spirit & wash us with Your Holy Blood,make us Pure,please Lord we beg you again & again to forgive us & bless us with good life so Glory to be th name of The Father & The Son & The Holy Spirit.

    In JESUS Holy Name.AMEN

  10. Marriage Life

    Oh Lord we have been married for nine years now & life has gone thorugh so many ups & downs please Lord we beg you to help us to end this struggle now please be by our side to watch over our heads & help us protect us from evil & protect us from people who trying to create trouble into our life please Lord we forgive them as well,Please Almighty be with us in our lives we realy need your blessings,please don’t keep blessings away from us now bless us with Holy Spirit & wash us with Your Holy Blood,make us Pure,please Lord we beg you again & again to forgive us & bless us with good life so Glory to be th name of The Father & The Son & The Holy Spirit.

    In JESUS Holy Name.AMEN

  11. a rough time now 25 yrs since 1989

    Singh My Diagnoses 25 yr ago I would never dreamed I lived to this day in good health, yes there has been hardship both medical and financial along the way, death of friends, loss of productivity But I believe I measure success differently thanks to you lord

  12. God help me

    O lord ,i have sin against you and i have become dawn now lord i need you to left me up and ur name and by your powers i pray in the name of your son Jesus Christ Amen …

  13. Thanks for the blessings i've received

    Lord, Thank You for the blessings, friends, change in luck, health I’ve experienced since joining this site with others. There has been changes in my life since I’ve paid attention to your presence. Before I said prayers repeatedly without true meaning, Now I may not get all the words exactly said as written all the time, but my own sentences I say have true meaning even if the words differ from the exact written prayer because their said with inflection, truth, and cadence. My only wish is for the World to be a kinder place than it is, whatever I can do beyond prayer achieve this politeness to others, avoid transgressions, live in harmony, I will try harder thanks to you. Not everyone believes you, or worse are hypocrites about their faith and truer intentions. I cannot speak for them or change their minds

  14. Luck

    Dear God, as you know tomorrow is my driving test, I have never wanted anything more in my life. I need this with your guidence I know I can do this! Please help me succeed and have the first chapter in my life begin. I will prove I deserve this.

  15. Good luck comes to us with out hate

    As a service member I so grateful Bo was returned home to his family, Why though does opposite political views sight the trade was too high, what if it were your son, and for that matter shouldn’t we just be thankful for Gods gifts and luck he affords us not bicker about it?

  16. Dear, God

    I thank you Jesus, for everything you have done and given me. If it wasnt for you. I wouldnt be here on earth. Im sorry for all my sins! I beg you to forgive me. And help me understand that what I do isnt right. Help my parents do the right thing, as for themselves as well as for us. Guide them to the right path. Help as my family members who I love with all my heart. And grant me many more years with them. Including my chiquito. Help me for my baby and my parents to forget abput everything and start tp talk again. For them to think abput me before anyone. Heal my sister from her diabetes and for my nephew to be born without diabetes. And everything to come out right. Help me stop my period and start having ot normal as I used to. Heal me from everything I have wrong. I ask you please Gpd to please help my parents, my sister, and myself to be able and get a home of our own. Send me the blessing to be a mother! And the blessing for my baby to please find a job. Help us all with money and food. To never have trouble with any of it. I know I ask for alot. But I have faith that every single one of my desires will come true. Thank you! For listening to me and helping me in everything. Iloveyou

  17. Trouble

    Ok I need some good luck cause right now in my life I’m getting blamed for “giving people pills” when I didn’t and I feel like I will get a butt load of trouble and my parents won’t believe me do I am asking that you help me trough this and It all just blows over. Plzz god

  18. in your hands

    Dear god, please watch over me and my growing family. I’m taking the asvab tomorrow and I need your light to help me pass lord, I want to serve my country and be an amazing military woman. Be with me while I take my test, give me your wisdom and strength to have an open mind to get a passing score, always in you hands, kozi <3

  19. help

    Lord please help us financially. We struggle to pay our bills and feed our children. I haven’t had a decent job in four years so please blesse with a great job to support my children. Thank you

  20. wisdom

    oooh God Of mercy, have mecry on ur child Aloysuis, forgive me my sin’s, and give me wisdom, O God, you know what i am going trough right now more than any other person.i beg of you with all my heart lord to forgive me what so ever i have done that has offended you to let me down.just forgive me lord and grant to me my heart the mighty name of your son Jesus christ i pray Amen

  21. bless us

    Dear Lord bless me and my family so that we do not go through any struggles with maintaining to take care of our finances or family bond! In Jesus name I pray amen

  22. Forgiveness

    Dear God
    I am so sorry for what I have done. I let you down and have made a mess of everything.

    But I truly am sorry and am trying to be a better person. Please forgive me.

  23. thank you

    I have faced obstacles, I have faced harsh conditions in life. I’m only 19. I’ve seen things I’ve done things. Things that made me weak, and made me stronger. I yet to understand so much more but I know enough now, I have fallen and I have gotten back on my feet. My faith for you my lord had grown so much over the years. I trust in you, you never failed me. I have sinned and you have forgiven. the one person I need is you. I love you and thank you for everything. Amen

  24. Thanks

    Dear Lord, you know what is in my heart and you know what we need. Please help me to get this job so that I can provide for my family. We need so many things, car, home and food. Thank you for what we already have and for your unconditional love. Amen

  25. Thanks

    Dear Lord, you know what is in my heart and you know what we need. Please help me to get this job so that I can provide for my family. We need so many things, car, home and food. Thank you for what we already have and for your unconditional love. Amen

  26. Blessings !

    Dear Lord,
    I’m sorry for all the sins i’ve made and all the wrong things i’ve done . I ask for your forgiveness and to help me in this struggle that i’m going through. I’m really asking for your big help so what i’ve been going through can be more better.
    I ask for your Blessing for my wonderful family to help them be a good person, to be kind, and to help them be that strong person that they can become . I Hope you hear this Prayer ! It will really mean much to me . I love you & thank you Lord. Amen !

  27. God forgive me

    Please God forgive me and have mercy on me for I need his Blessing.

  28. Forgive me lord

    Forgive me lord for not caring enough of what you have giving me, you gave me a blessing a job car and home and I let a man come before you and didn’t see it was you lord that made this possible please forgive me you took all that away from me and now I have nothing l lost everything, all I can say is I’m truly sorry and please forgive me :

  29. Thank you

    Dear lord, thank you for guiding me through life and keeping me healthy and I am so sorry for all my sins, please forgive me. I need you to guide me tomorrow and please help me to fulfil my full intentions, you are my everything, amen

  30. Thank You I'll try Harder

    Dear Lord I kinda forgotten you over these past weeks, I do believe But daily I have not made homage to your grace, I have been successfully medically with good blood work, through Hard work, perseverance and compliance. I have helped others and been kind to all and need to focus on your grace and if anything ask for you calm the nerves and anger of so many upset this month across the world, so things they bring upon themselves, but others pay the consequences. Some need to admit there wrong doings, I agree, just if anything could You, calm the waters of this world and the fever of so many brows?, Please….

  31. All My Sins

    Please lord, forgive me for all my sins. Please help guide me through these trying times.

  32. Pray for Help

    Dear Lord,
    I call on you in these time of tribulation, that you may ease my heart of the grief that have over come it. I oh Lord am desperately in need of your love and care so I ask for you not to forget nor leave me. I pray for those also in the same situation that you may be their guide and take them to the right part. Amen

  33. dear lord

    Dear lord I wanna thankyou for everything for being there when I was almost gone on the car accident when I was small for the time I almost overdose and How you made me realize I should stop hanging with the negative people thanks to you I’m not behind bars like the rest of old palls please forgive me for the bad past I had and for all the bad sins I did and said but I have now opened my eyes and I’m no longer that person anymore I’ve made changes cause of you and that’s great I love you amen <3

  34. prayer from my heart

    Dear Guiding Angel,
    I thank you for helping me when I had needed in the past. I know I am not the perfect person but I love everyone around me.
    I am going through some changes in my professional life and that is making me very anxious. The health of my loved ones are getting affected.

    I call upon you to guide me again at this moment of my life and let it turn into something really pleasant that will lead us to greater happiness, prosperity, mental peace, all round good health, abundance and new opportunities for me in future.

    I wish to live my life peacefully and happily.
    Thank you. Amen.

  35. Prayer for Financial Stability

    Dear Lord,

    Help us now in this time of extreme scarcity. May you permit that we receive money from expected and unexpected sources so that we may survive the rest of this year and the years to come.

    If it may not be asking too much, I hope you could grant us our wish for a new house and lot in a peaceful quiet place where we could live our lives in peace and prosperity.

    Forgive us of our misdeeds in the past and may you give us a second chance to straighten our lives in peace, harmony and abundance.

    Thank you very much

  36. Thank you Lord!

    Dear Lord,

    Thank you for everything you give to and my husband. Please forgive me for all I’ve sin. Thank you because you didnt ignore me when the time I’m in really so down or you give me light when Im in the darkness… Especially when I lost our first baby…that time I don’t know what will Im gonna do. Its very painful to us. But I still accept it. I know he is not meant for us.. My son is meant for be in your heaven garden where the little angels stay in forever happiness.

    Also I’m Thankful for saving my family from the haiyan/yolanda last year.

    Thank you very much.

  37. Peace 2015

    Thank you Lord for your blessing and mercy. I am about to send some papers off to the gov’t , I pray and hope they will not cause me further worries in my life. I have not always been on the straight path, probably walked a crooked line or two , but I ask for your forgiveness.

  38. Prayer

    I have a very important test tomorrow that can help me with my financial livelihood. I want to pray and say thank you to my god for blessing me in so many ways and asking him to give me the clarity for me to remember all the answers to the questions so I can pass this test. I thank u lord for all the blessing you have given me and my family I so humbling is asking for your interference for me.

    In the name of the father and the Holy Spirit Amen!

  39. Love u god

    Mje aj grse bahar nikala he. Plz kal ka jo din he mere acha jaye . He bgwaan me apse ek wish mang tha hu ki. Muje meri gf nisha ki sth shadi kr wado

  40. Good luck my son

    God, please give my son a good game of football. Other kids pick on him and his head is down. He needs to stand up for himself but he finds it hard.


  41. work

    lord i have a difficult situation at work another difficult challenge please help me through these hard times. Please pray for me and my health because i feel so much stress on a daily basis. Amen

  42. lord,

    Lord,thanks for all u done for me and that u continue to help me
    I need u in these difficult times like now I need your help Jesus

    I hope u can help me through the thought times I had and that I keep on living I need ,my sttenght,my confidence, and my happiness back amen

  43. Dear Lord

    Lord please give my husband and myself peace of mind and blessings for a neighbor is giving us a hard time and we are having a hard time give us strenght to forgive and peace to live our lifes as you would want us to.

    I your loving name we pray

  44. Thank You Lord for your continuing

    Lord Father our creator,Thank for looking out after me and also seeing to help others as well, I keep you in my thoughts now everyday

  45. request for my son

    Thank you Lord for all my blessings and guidance.I ask of you the most important blessing that my son gets picked tomorrow to attend a charter school that would melt away all that he has been through all these years getting bullied and picked on
    .If this is all you bless me with , I will be forever you with all my heart..Amen

  46. help from our lord jesus

    lord jesus in the past i have asked you for many favours
    this time i ask you this very special favor.[mention favour]
    take it dear heart of jesus and place it within your own heart where your father sees it then it will become your favour not mine.

    try to say 3 times a day
    for 3 days with the promise of publication.

  47. Watch over us...

    Dear Lord I am coming to you to ask that you watch over us today as we go to have the car assessed. Lord you know how much we need the car right now and I come to you in need and in faith that the car will be fixed and that we can afford the repairs. Jesus I know that through you all things are possible and that your will is very strong in my life. Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on us. Amen

  48. Prayer to help me get back to my feet

    Thank you Lord for being there for me in good times and I know you will lift me up in the challenging times I am facing at the moment. The last eight months have really been difficult workwise and financially. You are the only God I can look up to to turn the impossible into an awesome miracle. Help me Lord so I can get back to my feet. I pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen

  49. Luck and thankful

    Dear father lord I Would love you thank you for all the good you have done in my life. And I’m strong enough to know my mistakes only made me better. Father lord I come to you today and I’m asking forgiveness for all my wrongs you know I am not perfect. Also thank you for giving me the chance to get work asap and not only that I turned down a job. Your the best. I’m so full of joy on one side. My other half is sad without my Team 8 !!

  50. Be beside us today

    Father God please be with us today in winning the raffle for the new Kia, we have been struggling to get a car for my mom who needs it so much, she is a blessing an angel in our eyes and helping her get this kia will be a great help especially with these heat and no ac in her car father God please stand beside us today and always. With love and faith, your daughter Cristina

  51. Guidance and Understanding

    Dear Lord,
    One too many times have I learned that things dont come easy for me and mine for as far as I can recall. I truly believe in your love and in this I seek patience. I truly believe its not about what you give but more importantly when it is given.
    Through the past 12 months of struggle and a fall to deep, I have come now to not ask for anything, but to let you know I trust your love and I openly accept whatever you choose for me.

    Jesus, I know you see me suffer, In your love and mercy, I ask peace and happiness and security not for me, at least for my loving wife. Allow me to once again be a rock to all those who seek support from me. I have learned my lesson.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- Amen

  52. turmoiul

    Dear lord, iam lost&alone.i have lost my only true life friends&loves my mum&dad.i cannot carry on without them.its been 5yrs of pain&illness since they passed.please please help me iam in turmoil&so scared of everything.i have no one.please keep me from any more harm.And please give me guidance to get better& be happy&feel safe thats all I want in life&to love&be loved.i dont need material things, just simple love, amen, thankyou lord.

  53. Miracle

    Lord I am weak. I’ve sinned and I’m sorry. I ask you to forgive me of my sins that I’ve committed and that I will commit in the future. You know my heart deep down and I’m sorry for all of my mistakes in life. I thank you for what you’ve done for me so far but I’m in need of a miracle father. I ask you to help me to be a better person and to be the best man I can be and for the strength to cope with all my difficult moments. I’m lost and I’m sorry I lost the conversation with you.

  54. Lord I need you

    Lord I need you right now. I have a test that I need to pass. If you would give me the knowledge I need to pass. I would thank you. Lord.

  55. Show me the way

    Lord, I am grateful and you have forever in aw of all that you have done for me, friends, family There is no doubt of your hand in matters of my well being, Now though I need your intervention
    or a sign, to light my way these … difficult moments, I have learned with my faith and these uncertain times and the effects it has on me, which decision to make, You are the way, the light and salvation, It would be so wonderful to see you here on earth in my lifetime, Amen

  56. good luck prayer for my husband to win his workers comp case

    Lord i would like to ask for all the luck right now,my husband and i have been waiting ,for a workers comp settlement for almost 6 months, we are out of money and raising 2 girls ,who need to eat,LORD please just help us so that the board could settle this matter ASAP

  57. He answered Me...

    A couple of days you can see a post here by me “Show me the way” and call it what you will i know the Lord, Creator( whom i feel my comfortable calling heard me), I have many more prayers not just for prosperity but the well being of all, peace, a calmer time ahead of rational thinking, more tolerance of other(s) belief even if they differ from our Lord Live and let live.
    As i have read more of the scriptures, i found in the early church, Jesus brother James(be it driven by jealously)pushed beliefs against Paul’s and Peter’s original teaching of Jesus, We face these zealots today, ripping the fabric of inclusiveness away from us we must stand up for what Jesus, the lord stood for,
    Then only then will Christianity be, for all, poor,ill, rebuked, Roman,Jew, Arab, not just a chosen select perfect few.

  58. Love ,peace ,guidance,strength,

    Lord these past few years have been so difficult,and without you by my side I wouldn’t of got thought the hard times,thank you.plz guide me in love, peace,guidance,strength,love you,

  59. A good job at last

    Dear Lord,
    I am very thankful for everything that you have done for me in my life. For my health and for loving you and also for my wonderful son who was born on Christmas day when we were told that we would never be able to have a child.
    I am now asking you to please lead me to a job. One that I will love going to everyday and that I will be able to stay there until the time that I am ready to retire.
    Lord if I do not get something very soon I am going to lose everything that I have worked for my entire life.
    I need to be able to pay my bills and need to be able to help my son with his college expenses.
    Lord Please let my phone ring with someone wanting someone with my talents and drive. Allow the interview to go perfectly and let them hire me with an wage that I can pay all of my bills, help my son and be able to put some money away for another day.

    I love you Jesus and I have all of the faith in the world that you love me as well and do not want to see me suffer and going through these tough time.

    Thank you

  60. Dear God

    My years have been very difficult and I need you soo illigal in a country and i have no job ..please God i need you right sorry for all my sins forgive me always but i always end up sinning again.please help me find a pure heart.i need you soo much.Amen.

  61. blessed

    Lord I just want to thank you for all you’ve done for me , I am blessed. I’m blessed to have woken up everyday healthy. Lord I am grateful that when I wake up I can see my room, I can hear the sounds throughout my house, I can talk when I want. I’m blessed to have shelter lord. I’m grateful to have a job and have food to eat whenever I want too. Lord I love you and I know not many people are able to appreciate those things. lord I pray you continue to watch over me and keep me safe and sheltered and always be able to have a hot meal.

  62. Humble Request

    Dear Lord,

    I humbly ask that you please take away all these worries and fears that consume me everyday. Please give me courage to face each day with strength and hope. Please give me peace of mind that my loved ones can do well on their own. The feeling of having to protect and guide them consumes me daily. Please teach me to let them go and know that is you who will guide them. Please allow me to better myself not only for them but for me as your child . I ask that I have the opportunity to envision and live a peaceful happy life.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  63. in time in need

    Dear lord,
    Please help us out, on this difficult time.
    I lost my job we are about to get evicted ,
    we been applying everywhere for a apt
    But every time our application is denied,
    We just submitted another and final application,
    Please touch the land lords heart on accepting ,
    Our application. Lord give me strength I need you
    need to change , guide me to a better life.
    Bless me with a good paying job, and a place for my
    In Jesus Christ amen .

  64. Dear Lord

    You have never failed me father, I want to ask your guidance and power to help me keep my head up during this difficult time. I have failed you but you have never failed me. I want to cry out and hope I pass this drug test because I have been obedient and stopped using substances to numb my pain. Oh dear Lord I really need this new job and I know this can be a great opportunity for growth. Shine your light through and help me stay strong and let it be whatever you want it to be father almighty. In your name I pray. AMEN

  65. Please help me Jesus christ

    Lord, I know in my life, I never took anything seriously and always for granted. I am just out of school and I need help from you lord. Hear me out please for I have sinned and took advantage of people I love and people who love me. I am very sorry for everything, I need you to give me the strength and power to succeed in my life. Please guide me into the right path because I have stepped off the path you were guiding me on due to my poor decisions. Lord I am your son and I will always love you. Please forgive me and guide me in the path again, I am struggling right now, even though I am hiding all my emotions from everyone. I can’t do this for much longer so I ask you again to forgive me and help me get on the path to success in school. Thank you lord for ALL you have done for me.
    -your son

  66. Hope

    Dear Lord

    I am reaching out to you, and I know I rarely do. I have struggled for a long time and I am finally finding my way, thanks to you. Today, I am asking for you to watch over me and my family.

    For fifteen years we have been adrift, through many deaths of family members, illness, homelessness, failure of our business, financial ruin and many other challenges. Through all of it, I have always had hope and faith in you, even at the darkest times.

    We are waiting for news on an appraisal for our new home, and I pray that it comes out OK, so I can finally give my kids a warm, safe place to live, and roots for them to feel secure. I have made a lot of messes in my life. I just want them not to suffer for them. Cut is ok with me if I live under a bridge for the rest of my life if my wife and kids can have a home.

    Thank you Lord.

  67. After a difficult time a light ahead

    After so much hardship Lord I have endured medically I think I on the mend with faith in you, the love of friends and family it seems theirs alight ahead… amen

  68. good luck 🍀

    Dear god, please look over me during this time. I am struggling and need to find work soon. I’m getting depressed and very upset about things. Please send me guidance as I am always helping others bur now its my turn to need some guidance. Please watch over me and help me soon. Take care of my family, daughter, boyfriend and his mom, and all my friends. Please God please. Amen

  69. Please help Lord

    Please help Lord,
    I need to get on the road with a vehicle someone is helping me with, due to medical condition and the heat making transportation so difficult, Up until I’ve been thankful of a Bicycle, but with deteriorated medical needs that’s becoming apparent, just some help please I’m half way there.

  70. Thank You Lord

    Thank You Lord Lord I’m Making the right decisions and its paying of small but surely there are big changes ahead I know with faith in you

  71. I did something to help a tense situation

    I don’t have much, but next store my neighbor has a step brother who to put it kindly is step away from near unbearable, His Coffee pot broke and he was going through caffeine withdrawals, My Neighbor as Financially stretched as myself couldn’t help buy his step brother a new one. I had a an extra one, But, tension with this step brother and me have been well less then Christine, theirs no talking to this individual hes vial and just a liar oh just leave at that
    BUT i did the right thing I gave him the extra coffee pot I had in good spirits mainly to set the peace next store and restore relations, I probably being a fool, Lord

  72. It is in our power of faith that on the preciptous moment we see change

    Creator and mostly of us who post prayers here. Through faith at a final moment of desperation many prayers here ask you Lord for help, they mention ten years of bad luck, or that money will come to solve problems that are very truly serious, so much so true, these are people it get stress and need.
    When Your Hungry no needs to be punished with demand for prayers before soup, when that person can barely think or have strength, and yet many Organized religions patronize those here it that dire need, Please Lord bypass these Zealots, who rant on TV shows with makeup, Gold Kilted Wing Back Chairs and Crystal Cathedrals, and ask you that they believe the Lord needs you to send them money, I wish no harm on no one the positive Karma you dish out comes back to you ten fold, it goes the same for being ruthless and evil, you get right back maybe no immediately but in time.
    Now as for this prayer Lord Its for everyone here, the Lord didn’t make you buy house you can’t afford or run up credit cards you can’t pay, But there are those with the need of real help AND it comes at the worst time, The Precipitous of financial Moment where not only does one need money one needs time, and debts have been called in, outside events like illness take over your life, Family members act irrationally or worse violently.
    It is truly an unkind world filled with billionaires who made there wealth through bankruptcy and fancy lawyers and then with hatred and racism decide to run as a leader of the people, and haters that march behind him to his tune. There is not only one Anti-Christ there are many.
    How then will the Lord help us? We are taking the right step posting prayers seeing that all of us need to have compassion and believe in the Lord.

  73. Please help us all here

    Lord this a prayer is for everyone here in need, please help them and give them the strength and wisdom to learn if helped AND how to prevent further problems further down the road and avoid them with good planning in the future.
    I have my own hurdles, as you well know and your help is appreciated, thank you Lord Creator

  74. Trying times...

    Dear God…

    Please give us the strength to get through this trying times…You are mighty with all your love and faith in us. Please wrap yours arms around us and protect us! In your loving name Jesus Christ,

  75. Good luck

    Please dear Lord help me in the repair of my car so that I may take my children to North Carolina to see my disabled brother. We haven’t been down there in two years and I am now able to take them for a week but my car broke I am praying to you to assist in getting the repairs done quickly

  76. Please help my mom

    Dear lord,
    Please allow my mother to get home safe and sound. That is all I want and nothing more. Thank you very much.

  77. Yhank You For Grace

    thank you for making things with his easier for this week I finally I see your way to light and grace, help my friend with his medical needs

  78. Not only You Lord but ,my whole family was there for me

    I been through some hard times, a comma lost my home and had to make hard choices, keep a roof over my head, loose wheels to drive and use a bike, now after six years, with you help Lord, my family rooting for me My best friend Steve helping me getting back on the road,my best friend ever, My sister , everyone neighbors included pulling for me, I myself straightening out my mortgage, getting a federal grant to modify my home to make hurricane safe and energy efficient When I look back you Lord were there I know with my mom Eileen and my other mom Hope was eerily there, a friend not known well named Peter passed and gone all these souls were circling me in the strangest way, I really can’t explain it, and take it as face value,
    Now I have to focus on my wellness and fitness and next goal as it says…

    Psalms 1:1-3 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.( Sitting watching Fox news getting nothing done)

    But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.( Make your bed go to the gym get your act together)

    Joshua 1:8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful (What is written is for YOU, NOT for you to shove down somebodies else throat, do YOUR OWN DISHES FIRST!)

  79. The best decision and acceptance

    Dear Lord,
    Please help guide those who are in the decision process to make the best decision for this time in our lives. Please help us accept the decision and recognize it as the way to help us serve you and your holy will.

    Thank you Lord.

  80. Thank You

    Thank You Lord, for helping me today making the right descions
    help those who are in need please

  81. Jake_prayer

    Dear Lord,

    I lost the one person I love… I only ask for forgiveness for what I have done..

  82. Its not over yet but we may have dodged one for now

    Tropical Storm Ericka has lessened and we should all be thankful of this,its still remains dangerous though

  83. help me god

    God i know u have helped me prevoiuxley bal decision ut right now this is my finall decissinon iv been praying that cps let mebstay with my cusin all this is in your hands god plese understand im happy with my cusin

  84. On this day

    Thank You Lord for the family and friends I have and good fortune that come my way at a time when others have lost their sense of honesty and integrity, namely my neighbor. I wish his family and himself would see the error of their ways but nothing is ever enough, greed and lack of respect for the law has finally taken its toll.
    I have lived within my means and sacrificed a difficult transition over three years, at time I was in despair and without hope that things would get better but they did. I accomplished alot with my home, reestablished my privileges got transportation, now I have independence and free will, but not without faith and thanks.
    For my closets and family please give them the same prosperity, For they have supported me through thick and thin, Now I can prosper in different ways, my health and my battles with chronic disease, loose weight become fit of body and mind and prosperity can be measured in different ways.
    13 years ago this day my Mom passed and time through this decade was wasted no longer thats the past, the future is bright
    For my best friend and pal Steve my hopes the time lost he gave a care giver to his family will turn to positive changes and ventures he so wishes so dearly, Lord grant him these.
    For my Sister and brother in law stability and my Nephew and his wife the success in obtain a mortgage for my moms old home, Lord grant these things to them with hadst
    Lord thank you

  85. Forgiveness

    Help me forgive myself for the wrongs I’ve done to the love of my life. Help her to forgive. Also, my battle will not be won without You. Stay with us all through tough times.

  86. thank you

    God, first i want to thank you for all your blessing. You’ve giving me a beautiful and thoughtful husband, who i couldn’t live without. You’ve given be 3 beautiful, healthy, loving children who i adore more than life itself. And for my 2 beautiful grandchildren, i thank you. They bring so much happiness and love to our family and i couldn’t see my life without them in it..God. you have been there in my time of joy and in my sorrow and have always picked me up in those time of here once again to ask that you take care of my family. Protect them and lead them to the right path. ..god i want you to especially look after my sister jennifer who is in desperate need of your love and all your grace. She has really been through a lot in her short life. God, you especially know how much she’s in need of your guideness. ..i love my sister and want to see her life turnaround for the best. .i also want to pray and ask that you help my husband be strong and to stay with the faith that he will find work. that will make him happy and stay healthy. God, take good care if his health and lead him to the path you want for him to go. Thank you lord once again for the love and protection you’ve given me and my family. …please continue to bless us. AMEN

  87. Let your prayer shine down on me

    God I’ve never turned to you as much as I shpuld., but I love you and I am needing your assistance. I am in the deep end with troubles staring death in the face. Im in a dilemma that I want to end it all why did II help someone so spiteful and evil. Please god I know you do ALOT for me but may you bless me and help me and guide me out of this situation. May the power of ur prayers help me.
    Thank you for taking your time to hear

    Love kam

  88. Health and Abundance

    God thank you for blessing us with health and abundance. Keep blessing us so we can help the people around us. So many people need help bless us with luck.

  89. Many Words Few Words

    Type Many Words, Type Few Words If your need is sincere, if you faith is True, Amens are anecdotes and unnecessary, The Lord hears you but the response is not so instantly as the your decision to ask for help comes with urgency almost late enough for you to loose your faith, so is it his decision or yours to choose the destiny of your next catastrophic economic event?
    Maybe its more like this…..The Lord is asking you to get it together, not live to the last dime, think ahead, plan, prepare.

    Those is ask for help after 10 years of bad luck may/be after the first year you think you need to take matters into your own hands?
    But since that horse has left the barn ten tears back, what are you going to do? Wait another ten years for blind Luck?

    Your Blessed to Live in this world by Gods Divinity, maybe thats all
    you need to change things,after all your prayers are for yourself, Show God You have it within You make it

  90. For my son

    God please help my son tomorrow please give him strength and keep him calm during his interview for prep school

  91. Job loss

    Dear Lord,
    Guide me during this difficult situation and help me find a new job before I loose the one I’m in.

  92. Being successful in my new career

    God please help me to become successful in my new career its been really hard on me and Ive made so many sacrifices to get to where im at so far. God I dont want to give up please be my guidance and my strength and allow me to do what I know I can do thank you for your love and please help all those who need you too. In the name of your son Jesus Christ Amen!

  93. Luck and strength

    Dear Lord please bless my son and his teammates with strength and luck on their side for this playoff game, may they use your blessings you have given them and find their inner and outer strength and confidence to get a win… Amen

  94. Love

    God please help me find unconditional love not only with myself but with my potential life partner. Please guide me in the right direction to find him or guide him to find me. Let me have the strength to get through this difficult situation and get back on the path to true love and happiness. .

  95. I beleive in this site and the power of prayer

    I have posted many prayers and many were answered but be assured That I took matters into my own hands, Garage sales talking to creditors working things out, You see its the faith not only what you ask for Gods help, but more powerful the faith within yourself to make changes, these latter actions do have immediate effects Prayer results should God come along and help Well that’s the miracle of the Lords Grace,

    And sometimes he watching to see what you will try first and I believe If you clean up you act, straighten messes around your house straighten out piles of Bills and letters, their is a synergistic effect takes place Your efforts and your prayers and YOUR prayers are answered

    Lets be honest here The Lord will not help you with a Wound on your Arm unless unless you put fortha little effort and clean and bandage itself, I takes that leap and faith follows.. True?

  96. Trouble

    Please pray for me,
    I’m in some kind of trouble with a girl who I thought I could trust, I claimed her to be my best friend and we were. Please pray for the whole situation i’m in will go smoothly please pray for me that I won’t get kicked out from doing sports in my district high school. I’m really worried,upset, afraid, scared, depressed, and I need a lot of prayers right now, so that everything will go smoothly and my friends will stand up for me. Please pray for my CCD Students also they been so well behaved with me and please pray for everything!

  97. Trouble

    Please pray for me,
    I’m in some kind of trouble with a girl who I thought I could trust, I claimed her to be my best friend and we were. Please pray for the whole situation i’m in will go smoothly please pray for me that I won’t get kicked out from doing sports in my district high school. I’m really worried,upset, afraid, scared, depressed, and I need a lot of prayers right now, so that everything will go smoothly and my friends will stand up for me. Please pray for my CCD Students also they been so well behaved with me and please pray for everything!

  98. Please Help

    Please Lord help me to finally overcome this past 12 months of difficulty in my life.

    Please lord help me to forgive and forget

    Please lord help me to move forward

    Please lord help me stop my ex-partner from ruining my life any further

    Please Lord allow me to live a happy peaceful live

    Please Lord help make all this negativity dissapear

  99. I thank you for the wonderful blessings you have done in my life

    Dear Lord,

    I thank you for the wonderful blessings you have done in my life, God I thank you for what you yet to do. Thank you for loving me and answering my prayers, for forgiving me of my sins. I thank you so mucj, for being my God and my light for your protection, support and leading me to the right paths. Lord I pray that you forgive me for anyway I have sinned, anyway I have offended you, because God it is said in the book of Psalms 51; I pray that you renew my spirit. Grant me what I have been praying for, Lord give me good luck so that I may help those around me to bless you and see your light, also give me the wisdom and knowledge to accomplish these goals. Lord may I help people get noticed by their idols, may I help people through tough times. Allow me to be a helper in others lives, and help me love my family and friends and to respect them. All this I ask through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

  100. New job

    Dear God, please assist me in getting my new job. I applied two days ago and haven’t heard back. I know it’s nothing to worry about but I want this job more than anything in the world. Amen.

  101. Please help.

    I’ve never done anything like this, but please pray for me.
    I’m an eighteen year old and I’ve been through so much. After graduating a year early, I thought my life after high school would go smoothly. I moved to New York into a homeless shelter, had a pair of bad breakups and is constantly suffering from hunger because we don’t have money. I almost contemplated suicide a few times, but I know that’s not the right thing. I just want happiness like I used to have. Thank you.

  102. Thank You

    Dear God
    Thank you dear god for everything you have done for me and my family. May my family always be happy, have laughter, joy and good health. May me and my family always be together. Thank you god for protecting us always. AMEN

  103. Lord help me tomorrow

    Dear Lord,
    Please help me tomorrow. Give me the confidence and good luck I need to pass my final exam for my Emergeny Medical Technician school.
    My onlu desire on this earth and in this lifetime is to help others. This means so much to me.
    Please help me. Send me positivity and luck.
    In your name I pray

  104. Help get back into the medical program

    Please lord, Jesus, and Virgin Mary. Help be back into the program. I aware that is hard but its something i want to do with my life. I beg of you to give me another opportunity in this course. I know with your hand and help i will be able to achieve my goal of becoming a good lab tech. Please i beg of you to hear good news. Though i really want this job, and i am willing to do anything for it. Please god help me and let the people know im a good soldier and person. And that i have potential in becoming a good lab tech. Amen.

  105. Marriage

    Please lord help me to be hole again and walk in the way that you want me to. I lift my marriage up to you father to help us forgive each other. Please fill our hearts with love and happiness. Let this family be one again and my husband be the leader of the household.

  106. Please help and forgive me

    Dear Lord almighty please see me through my times and help me ,almighty I ask this of you. Amen

  107. Anxiety

    God please help me feel calm and not anxious or worried. I love you and I need your help. Please help me so that I can have emotional stability. Thank you God from the bottom of my heart.

  108. Bless me Lord!

    Lord: I want to thank you for having two loving kids. But I need another blessing, they are autistic and the older one is not talking yet. I dream many times that he is talking to me and I wish so much this dream could come true. Oh my Lord!!! If that could happen someday I would be the happiest mother in the world.

  109. Bless me Lord!

    Lord: I want to thank you for having two loving kids. But I need another blessing, they are autistic and the older one is not talking yet. I dream many times that he is talking to me and I wish so much this dream could come true. Oh my Lord!!! If that could happen someday I would be the happiest mother in the world.

  110. Please lord help me get through my studies

    I ask that you help me get through the studies, I have faith please look over me

  111. Please help me

    If you are there and listening, and I so very hope you are, please answer my prayers.

    Please give me a hope to cling to and give me a sign that it will all be OK in the end.

    Please look after my Sue too.

    Thank you

  112. stressed

    dear god,
    i ask you please be here for me threw my hard ships in life right now give me hope that everything will be fine. thank you.


  113. Prayers needed

    I pray for my friends mother in law who is extremely sick. And I pray for their families. I need the guidance and faith as I wait to hear about this job. I need this move for me and my family. I pray that it all works out and I’m offered the job.

  114. Our young generation

    It does my heart good to see so many young people on this site. It gives me hope that the younger generation has faith in God and knows that he hears their prayers. Talk to him. Not only when you are struggling but as often as you can. He hears your prayers and he loves you unconditionally.

  115. A call for help

    Lord hear my prayer ; I want to thank you for all the miricles you have made on this earth . I have been going through so much this 2015 year and I want to start fresh for the new year lord . I want to better my self and make what’s best for me . I have made multiple mistakes but I don’t want the devil to win me over . I need you by my side and I want you to lead me to the right path . I can’t be putting myself in these bad decisions lord . I want my struggles and difficulties to go away. I ask you please and thank you ! In Jesus name Amen ❤️

  116. Sometimes a leap of faith

    Lord sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and intuition
    this is one of those moments
    Alil bit or a lot of luck with these odds is a prayer I’M putting out to you and the universe

  117. For my Family

    Thank you for blessing me w/ a healthy and beautiful baby. I wanted to be always by her side and watch her grow up but since I work on a shifting schedule and have to overtime plus the travel time to and from the house, our time together is being limited. I’m not asking for too much, I know a lot of people have bigger problems than I do but if possible please let me win the lottery it would help me and my family, in Jesus name. Amen

  118. Guidance

    Lord please help me on this journey I know I’ve sinned and made terrible mistakes in my life but I just ask for your forgiveness. Lord please remove the the hatred feeling I have out of my heart and help me learn how to love those who have hurt and mistreated me. Lord please forgive me for having a baby out of wedlock but Jesus please cover my baby with your blood and love him even though I have sinned. Lord please guide me through the remainder of my pregnancy safely and be with me through delivery. Lord please repair the damaged friendship Cedric and I have so we could put our differences aside to raise this child properly. Lord forgive me for all the mean , hateful, harsh things I have said to many people in my life regardless of the situation I was wrong for belittling someone. Lord please forgive me for disrespecting my mother at times lord I am so sorry I love my parents with all of my heart and very grateful for them. Jesus please forgive me for calling my sister names, hurting her feelings, and talking bad about her and to her she is my backbone and I love her so much I would give my last breath just so she could live life. Lord please guide my life in the right path spiritually, financially, mentally, physically please lord I’m so lost at this point I’m slipping back into depression I really need you more than ever. Lord forgive me please for disrespecting my grandmother I love her and will start appreciating her more because I’m blessed to still have her. Lord I’m thankful for my father regardless of my mother’s issues with him I will still love them both equally. Lord forgive me for all the problems I have caused in people’s life. Please remove all of this negativity from my body and fill it with love lord. Remove jealousy from my body & soul lord please help me to move on. I thank you for blessing me with my unborn son even though the way he was made was a sin I needed him to help me overcome many dark moments in my life I can’t wait until he arrives. I love you so much lord for blessing me for 20 years even after I have let you down continuously. In grateful so very grateful lord. I thank you for my parents, my sister, my family, a roof over my head, food to eat, eyesight, arms, legs, clothes, good health, healthy pregnancy & everything that we need and want I thank you so much I love you God please hear me calling out to you my lord . In Jesus name AMEN

  119. Thank You Lord

    Thank you Lord for your help and guiding concern, please help a neighbor whose lost their way and suffered a loss of family
    Although they themselves won’t admit their wrong doings it is obvious they have ignored common sense and additionally lost caring love ones when then needed them the most. but thats no reason to not wish them help or solace.

  120. Restore me Lord

    Lord I need you much more now…you’ve proven to be with me since I hit this bump in my life and going through the dark tunnel. I didn’t know how to get myself through and out of it ,but you spoke to me in several ways, i listened and took the leap of Faith which though tough, you have been right by side orchestrating things in my favour. Father the end is almost near but the mockeries, jealousy and hate of people as I wait patiently is crushing my spirit. Renew my strength Lord, hasten things for me; restore me beyond measures. Thank you for blessing me with a wonderful, caring parents and siblings with so much understanding. Thank you for my daughter who you blessed me with that has been the rose and light of reassurance and motivation all through this season. Thank you for everyone you put in my path to help me transition out of my terrible season…bless them and their children according to their needs. Thank you for good health, thank you,thank you Lord. May your blessings, Grace and Mercies never depart from my life and my descendants

  121. guide us oh Lord

    Guide us oh Lord, for our new journey. I can’t express how thankful we are for the blessings that we received in 2015 may you continue to bless us in 2016. I trust in you my Lord. I know you will never fail me in granting my hearts desire. I would like to offer all our success and victories in your name without your we are nothing, without you things are so impossible! thank you for making our lives easy. Now, I am here again asking for your divine grace to grant us the favor that we asking as you said ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be open unto you. Sent fort the holy spirit to enlighten us that we may be able to give our best in Jesus name. Amen

  122. In Jesus Name

    Lord I come to you with open arms please let my son pass the ASVAB TEST on tomorrow he wants so much to be a Marine he’s very dedicated and willing to serve for his country and my mom and I are behind him. Yes he’s my only child and what him to peruse the career of his choice please give him the knowledge and ability to focus and score what needed on his ASVAB TEST.. And for myself let me make the right choice for my happiness. I truly love a man that I’ve been with for 8 yrs and to spend the rest of my life with if you see fit.. My ex husband and I have talked about reunited after he take care of things that going on with him. I still have feelings for my husband. I care for both these men but not in the same way. Lord please guide me in the right direction and to be with whomever is best for me. I pray to be married and having someone in my life as a husband

  123. Prayer to Keep My Home

    Dear Lord,
    Please look over my family during this difficult time. My husband lost another job & the house is going to be foreclosed on. Please let us keep our home, I don’t want to move anywhere else. Been in the house since 1991.

    Please pray for me

  124. I pray and hope all read this, comment and have continued HOPE, FAITH, and perseverance

    I’ve come to understand, their really is no good luck or prosperity unless u nurture the situation.
    Similar to the ways Feng-S hue tells to clean clutter , organize , let in the light, clean the lens that does that task windows, house, car
    And that clarity you bring upon your self brings deserved luck
    Ina Christine sense:
    Psalms 1:1-3 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers
    So after a recent Dr Visit with nothing left but a good bill of health I decided its high time I shook it up, straighten things up, eat right, and less, get up at the right time, exercise a bit
    Basically Prospers
    Thats when I fell the clarity to come to this site and speak witha clear and organized mind reveals a cathartic healing in me
    and quite often over the past years that luck does come, we most are reluctance to follow with response prayer, thas why I named my post the way I did so others feels ok to do so also
    Proving you do EXIST and are listening, not immediately, their is a choir of noise in the universe asking the same thing, but it does show in time and maybe also your prayer needs to be from the heart and sincere

    I hope many of you, read this post and respond inkind James FL

  125. Protection from thy enemies

    Lord I pray your protection for my family n I against all evil a few of my ex friends ,family members, church members,teachers,coaches and even women I don’t even know is praying on my family to fail.I pray God that you please don’t allow any of their evil to prosper. I pray Lord God that u bring to Bless myself, my husband,my children, our health,my husband n I finances,our home Lord I pray Many Blessings start to overflow within our Life . I pray many blessings in protection on my 3sons and daughter. I ask this in Jesus name

  126. Lord help my friend better

    Luck is measured in different ways so Lord help my Steve get better and his operation a success through so many difficulties

  127. Hear me out🙏🏼

    Dear God
    Thankyou for everything you have done for me , i havent been praying lately due to having quite a rough time having to put up with 4 family deaths which i have prayed for your protection amongst my family for this not to happen , im asking once for you to bring me luck and happiness throught this year as i will treat others with respect & put others before myself and do good in school & keep striving for the best! Thankyou god for your protection & accompanying me through hard times & good
    God Bless Amen 🙏🏼

  128. guidance for being far away to family

    thank you God for being there always .. and for your unconditional love for all of us

  129. Prayer for Sisters health

    Please pray for my sister Barbara’s recovery of good health. Her health has seriously deteriorated in the last few months. She now has been having kidney dialysis and also diagnosed with diabetes and vasculitis. We are still waiting for her biopsy results. She has done so much for others through out her lifetime while asking nothing in return. I want to stay positive through out her ordeal and asking for strength through your prayers.

  130. Prayer work forgiveness, guidance and luck

    Dear lord I ask that you watch over me and bless me during this difficult time! I have made a huge mistake and may lose my nursing career over it as well as my time with my
    Children. Lord I have always tried to live right I have taken care of my family and have been through so many hardships and have always been blessed by you. You always see my through and I ask that you see me and my family through this. I am sorry and have learned a valuable lesson. Continue to watch over me and my
    Family and please assist me in this situation for the best possible outcome. In Jesus Christ name amen!

  131. Never give up

    I know lord it’s been a while I talked to you. I want to say thank you for all your blessings. I no I been lazing and not trying hard enough. Lord I need to wake up and get back to work. Everytime I get 10 steps forward I fall back 5 more steps. I been so depressed. I need your strength Jesus. Please forgive me for I am grateful for all life and it’s obstacles that come with it. Your child always keep her faith love you always your child Jazz

  132. Broken girl

    Lord….It’s been a tough week. I’m struggling in college, midterms came back and the grades I see puts more burden and weights on my shoulders. My parents are not understanding, the challenges I am facing as a student, as a person…as a woman. They don’t understand how overwhelming my life has become, they think that college is something easy, something I can just pass and move along up to the next level, but it’s not…It’s hard. I feel broken sometimes. I feel like I failed, my family, college, myself included…Life is so hard, even my own parents can’t keep a conversation without arguing with me about why I let my grades slip, but what they don’t know is that, I’m broken, I’m tired and I just want a break. Not from school, but from everything. I just want to be by myself…I just need space; space without them breathing down my back and getting angry about every little mistake I do. I ask you to guide me lord. To help me find my way, to give me the strength to get my grades up, to give me the strength to believe in myself again. I thank you for everything that you have helped me accomplish. Without you lord, I am nothing. Please bless me along the way as I take my journey to succeed in college and through this semester. Amen.

  133. For my commercial driver test

    God give me the strength to overcome this obstacle! Failed twice
    Please fulfill my spirite 🙏🏽

  134. prayer for God blessings and open heavens in my home.

    please pray for me.. my whole life feels like its crashing.. my dreams are not coming forth. i need Gods provision, favours and breakthroughs in my family. let every set back be lifted in his name.i need to pay my school feez. Lord have your way.

  135. Help me God 🙏

    God please help achieve what i have been wanting to achieve for a while, i know there is a way that i can over come that. With the help of my family and others there will be a way to be who i deserve to be. I cant wait any longer, it kills me more everyday but i will succeed no matter what.

    Thank You

  136. Lord thanks

    Lord thanks for being there and helping with my needs
    I need some help if you can muster the thought
    It would make this time of month go better than the previous months, so thank you for all you do, I know your there thats comfort in itself

  137. Please give me the strength

    Please God, give me the strength to continue my
    Breast cancer battle. Help my husband be stronger
    and help my brother with his job situation. Continue
    to shine down on my babies, but please please bring
    us better luck soon. Financially we are struggling,
    But I am winning the battle against cancer, but still
    are desperate for some help with it all.

    Thank you God for listening!

  138. god please

    God please give me knowlege and guidance to pass my permit . Please give me the strength to overcome this obstacle i failed once . I thank you for all that you have done .Please continue to send me blessing . Amen

  139. help lord

    Right before the year started I picked up a new job. I sold my BMW bought a cargo van and move closer to my mom the job was a delivery service where I’m self employed. Once I left my job and went to orientation for the other one the lady informed me she couldn’t use me cause of my past background. So I hustled found another job building refrigeration units did this two month then my van broke down every month same problem water pump so I gave it back found another job 15.14hr I’m thinking I’m in heaven I work one month and they laid fifteen of us off. In one week I’ll be homeless just like that. So god if you hear me and all my prayers throughout my life please help me please. I’m broken but have not lost my faith or will.

  140. I'm I'm need of guidance

    Dear Lord, please help me through this rough time I’m in. I want to be close with my family again before I move on to college. I feel like my parents don’t understand that I don’t get this way on purpose. I realize that I don’t talk to my parents, my dad in particular as much as I should, but it’s not easy with the weight he’s putting on my shoulders, to do better to have the opportunities he never had. I want to do better, please give me the strength to endure what I’m barely able to endure now. Please help my family understand that I have feelings too, and the things they say to me hurts. Lord, I’m trying to be strong, I’m trying to focus in school, so I ask for Your guidance to help me understand the path You’ve set for me and to travel down the right path. I need You, without You I am nothing. Amen

  141. help me please

    all i need is prayer i live in Florida and i am a senior on verge of not graduating because of my lack of accomplishment in fcat ! there is 2 weeks left till graduation and i still feel so empty i see everyone going to prom and every senior activities and i havent even been to one. i feel depressed everyday I wake up I blame myself, i let my family down my self down and i am at my rock bottom, please anyone who can pray for me everything is greatly appreciated

  142. House Inspection

    Dear Lord. I really need to sell my house. I’m ready for a new beginning. Praying to a good home inspection today. I am nervous because this house is old. Please give me strength so I won’t be so nervous. Thank you for this beautiful day and thank you for my health and my family. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  143. past staar test

    God please give the best of luck for me to past the staar test Tommrow and the day after that I’m going to try my hardest but please give me the best of luck

  144. I need you lord.

    First of all, i want to thank you for all you have done for me. But i have made some bad choices of late amd really need your help. I have lied, cheated and commited crimes without seeing the consequences. I was blinded by my own stupidity. I ask for your forgiveness and of you could please help me through this battle. I will do my very best to do better and put others before myself. Thank you so much for listening as you always have. I need you now lord, amen.

  145. Help all those who have posted prayers Lord

    Help all those who have posted prayers in need with school, family friends and myself my own wishes and needs
    Saw a friend whom I’ve become unattached to for reasons too complicated to explain here, but none the less she looked like she was running lost and scared, we all make mistakes are sometimes misunderstood, misrepresented or worse force to align ourselves with the popular force no matter how we know its the wrong way,
    Like Trump for example, It takes a few muscles to make a smile it takes over 200 to frown, hatred be vile, rude, lying is no way to live and there’s nothing worse then a lack of faith of hope, and its true to say the other political side is equally worse, But going with the crowd that bears pitch forks and spades just leads you down a road that when the dust settles what you have become a part loses your faith in Jesus and who compassionate ways, the damage is irreversible…
    So in essence what I’m saying in terms of prosperity, luck and hope for all here is the best luck you can start with is believing the Lord First, Yourself, not a crowd or following or get yourself ahead hating and disenfranchising another group of people, that is all….

  146. to be a nurse

    Pleased, pray for me. I’m feeling so unlucky in everything. Lately I applied for a university under nursing course. I hope tht I can persue my studies and I hope tht one day I can use my body and soul to help other people in need. I hope I can make it. Amen.

  147. Help

    I feel awful for something I did, please pray for me to have the strength and good fortune I need to make it out of this difficult time in my life, thank you. Amen.

  148. prayer for luck

    Heavenly Father i humble my self before you .have failed several times to.achive my dreams in this life.i ask for your mercy and grant me luck in the life am leading.i ask this in Jesus mighty name.Amen

  149. Help me focus

    Lord help me focus so i can set things straight again, the world is a very confusing place and sometimes make lose our faith in ourselves, others and you Lord

  150. Give me strength and hope

    Lord I pray that you please give strength in these days when my studies are hectic and my health is not in good condition, help to feel nourished and strong again. Please give me knowledge and wisdom to do well in my studies, and guidance so that I can achieve my goals. Please help me during this time as I am lost, chasing my dreams but am not getting anywhere. Please give me hope so that I can continue to work hard and fight for my dreams, please remind me that everything will be okay. Grant my family and loved ones with happiness and good health, so that we may live happy lives. And bless the world so that we may live in peace and joy. God bless, Amen.

  151. Pray for me

    Lord I need you in my life more and more each day. I’ve been trying to fulfill my dreams for a while now but every time it reaches my hands it just slips out , I need your guidance show me the way in pray in your name amen.

  152. A new career

    Thank you for the job I have and the daily opportunity to help save lives. This job helps modeled me, but I feel like I’ve come to the end of my rope. Mentally and physically tired, please help me find a new job where i can still make a differencefor someone(s). Continue to watch over my first responders and the true first first responders and the stress our job give us and our families.

  153. forgive

    Please let me good with my program tomorrow i made a mistake and learning from them my life is heading down the right track please dont take it away from me.

  154. Please pray

    I am a new believer. I need your support and prayer.

    Ive messed up and run up credit cards and now cannot afford the bills. I give my time freely and will always try and help anyone i meet.

    Please help and join me in prayer so i may help my family and my community without money problems filling my head instead of the good words and thoughts of you you my lord.


  155. Lord help me

    Lord help me in changing my year for the better after all this evil that entered it.

    Help me get my daughter back so I can spend time with her
    Help me get my own place
    Help me see my dad again
    Help my dad in him struggling through his sickness
    Help my sister with her job
    Help me with overcoming the pain my wife has caused
    Help her think clearly through her actions
    Help me become a man that will not get any trouble from any courts
    Help me get through these obstacles that were built by evil

    Thank you God for all you have done and will do to my life .

    I love you

  156. Prayer to change my life

    Dear lord, I stand before you as a sinner who seeks to humbly repent. God, you have never left me even through my toughest darkest moments. I know I may not be worthy of your miracles as I have not seeked you as much as I should’ve in life. But i ask that you please bless me and help me attain this dream act permit. It is crucial for me to be able to be successful and completely turn my life around. Lord, you know I have been here on my own toughing out every test. But now I need help to go further. I need your help my lord. I need your blessings to get me closer to my goal of becoming somebody in this world. Please help rid me of all negative talk and thoughts and bring me peace. Bring me closure to my goals, bring me closure to success. You know how much j have struggled since the age of 3, it’s my turn for something equally as amazing. Please God, help me. Help me get this permit granted so that I can financially support myself and be able to afford an education. Please God, please. Amen.

  157. License test

    Lord thank you for everything I have in my life, thank you for my beautiful family and my beautiful girlfriend, I pray and hope everyone that’s having a rough time can make it through all of this, with the help of you lord. I pray you stay by me during the test, I’m so nervous and I’m thinking the worst, I pray and hope you can help me pass.
    I love you my lord and thank you for everything you have done for me in my life.
    In Jesus name, Amen. <3

  158. Prayer to remove what is blocking my blessings

    My prayers are for peace and prosperity. I know it is there but something or someone is blocking it. Remove all evil hindering spirits. Dear Lord, thank you, in advance.

  159. Prayer

    Dear Jesus:

    I need your help in this difficult time in my life. I l know my problems when compared to other peoples problems may not be as terrible. But they are to me. Sometimes I wish I could live my life again and be able to make different choices. I wish I had known how things are. Ill be taking chances inthe near future that may result in extraordinary lossrs of income, which I do not have. But I have no choice, I have no money, I have 2 interviews for jobs and hope that at least one of them work out. I went to church last week after a long absence and prayrd that I could find a job I could feel comfortable in it. Once I ve got home I was called for 3 interviews. I thought it was a miracle. I have one more interview today and one tomorrow. I wish to thank you, I wish you help me be more faithfull .

  160. Bless me

    Thank you Lord for all you have doing for me and all you will do, Please Lord save me for this difficult time, bless me i know you if bless me everything will be well with me,
    Thank you Lord


    Please pray for me.

    Lord I ask for Redemption in the eyes of my own, to redeem broken pasts and my shaky future. Lord show me pity and hold me responsible for not having the strength to realise my wrong doings of my actions in the past which caused the devil to grip my desires and serve me well in false beliefs

    lord hear my prayer so i may break free from temptations and move forward with my family bless my son and wife to be. I eagerly seek your blessing and love so I can live the rest of my life happily.

    AMEN x

  162. Good Luck, Money, Protection and Victory

    Ive been good to my family, friends and relatives. Ive helped every person that was in need of help. I paid for them for varsities, school, crech, clothes, shelter, food etc. Ive been out of work for 2 and half years now. My business fell. Sold all my investments and properties.
    Its hard for me, all people ive helped they dont have time for me, dont want to associate with me anymore as they say im a failure. They laugh at me, they dont help me with anything, instead they show me and tell me their achievements. Ive buried so many people, as i believed in giving and caring for others. Now im always in bed. Stressed, no life, no job, no money, people dont respect me anymore but when i had money driving nice cars they loved and respected me.Now i am asking for you Father God to make a miracle upon my life. Exalt me, Give me my blessings and double them as of Saint Job.Its now my turn my Father in heaven to reap what i saw.Bless me Father God and make me not to suffer no more in my life. Hear my prayer Messiah. Have mercy on me.

  163. Guidance

    Thank you for giving me the strength when times were hard and I needed to see through each day. I pray my gran is happy with you and her soul has been blessed. I pray for guidance; please make clear to me the routes i should take and the moves I should make to put me on a path where I am moving forward both within my heart and in my work. Look after my Shopping Queen she loved you very much. Amen

  164. God i need your help

    Please pray for us that we will achieve our goals in life, Lord please help me and my friend robert surpass this obstacle that you have been given to us. I want to fulfill my dream to pass in thesis and graduate in college i dont want to let down those people who trust in me and gave me the opportunity to go to college, i want to fulfill my dream for my loss brother as a promise to him and the ones who i loved that pass away..Lord help us…

  165. Give me strength to stay on target today

    Give me strength Lord to stay on target today clean things up straighten up my surroundings to to think clear remembering your always with me and these changes will result in good luck

  166. Guidance

    Dear god, I come to you 15 minutes before my exam to ask you for guidance. Please prevent me from panicking and help me keep a clear head so that I can finally ace this exam. Amen.

  167. Prayer

    The warmth of God’s love
    It’s been a really really bad time I really need prayers . I was informed that our company is shutting it’s doors. It’s been a week since they told us. I am the only one that works in my house my husband is disabled so the burden falls to me. I have this ache in my stomach , I have trouble breathing and want to cry at the drop of a hat as I keep trying to figure out how the bills are going to get paid. Food on the table. Will I lose everything I have worked for all these years? I pray to God for strength and guidance and a new job. Thank you all for your prayers
    Dear lord please bless all those that call on your name for we truly love you and appreciate all you have given us and thank you Lord for the blessings you will bestow on us . AMEN

  168. Good luck

    God I come here to day to prey for a great day today and for my water to get cut back on. I don’t mean to sound greedy or anything, but I just want to fell like I’m suffering in life. Amen!

  169. health for my friend roger and to receive my unemployment check.

    pls blessed roger that his cancer be gone, if its possible to start receiving my unemployment checks.

    Thank You

  170. I leave myself in ur hands lord

    Gave my all at work hurt my self three times came back stronger every time now i have nobody at work to trust my ways made every one turn their backs on me they wanna see me in the street with my child and my to be born child they have no mercy for me after i gave it all lord don’t forget about me dont forget im ur soldier ill be with u till the end amen

  171. Luck 🙏

    Dear lord, please help me with good luck and guidance, I always look up to and respect you, I know I have sinned against you at some points but I pray to you so you will forgive me? Do you, life can be hard and I’ve messed things up but this is all I ask of you please get me though my new Catholic school and give me peace, amen 🙏😘

    The name of the father
    The son
    And the holy spirite

  172. Need strength

    I’m praying for my daughter. She works so hard and still is struggling. Please give her the strength she needs to overcome her obstacles.

  173. prayer for luck on romance and studies

    Ever since i was little thing havent goes the way i expect to be and even though it did happen it does not last for long .for example when i finally was in a relationship it only last for 3 month and everything bad happen if i think of something good .pls lord save me …

  174. Dad's Job

    My Dad has his final presentation today which will likely influence whether or not he gets to keep his job, please pray for him to have confidence and comfort.

  175. luck

    dear lord I ask that you send guidance and luck to me and my teammates. I hope you use your power for this second chance that we have a chance in receiving. If you give us this wonderful blessing , it is promised that we will give it our all and make it worth it to show you we are thankful. we want this more than anything. our hard work and dedication will help us through this challenge if we are granted that invitation. Thank you.

  176. prayer for strength

    Please pray for me to give me strength over a heartbreak and losing my best friend. To be able to look at tomorrow again with hope and happiness and excitment. To not cry my days and nights and be able to move on and be strong again. I pray that he comes back into my life again soon or that I have the will and strength to move on if he doesnt and forget him. Please please give strenght

  177. Please guide me

    Lord as you know I’m in middle school and I’m a girl. You guid me through many hardships and I pray for one more. Basketball tryouts are today and tomorrow and I pray for you to guid the ball torwards the basket. Do all you can do to help me make the team. I pray in Jesus name, A MEN!😇😰🏀🙏🏽

  178. Theory test

    Dear Lord,

    Please help and look for me tomorrow that i pass my theory il really struggling! Thank you lord 🙏🏼😢❤️

  179. success in all i do

    dear lord i pray in Jesus name that with every difficulty tym in my life that u give me strenght.i pray that i get out of debt and start saving for my kids and my education.i pray that u bless me not to be rich but to live a happy life with no debt.the little i have i can do so much with it but debt is in charge of my life.plis god i have been thru so much and i get tired of praying plis give me strength to never give up.plis from the bottom of my heatr and protect all the people i love and care about heal those who are sick,in jail,poor or the name of the father the son and the holy spirit amen

  180. Broken

    Dear Lord
    I am scared, within the last year I have lost my nan , my baby, more recently my husband as he became abusive, my job, my mum is unwell and I need to be a good mum to my son. My husband has left me penniless. I need a job, I need to know life will get better. I want the best for my family. Please give me the strength and guidance I need. Love Jess

  181. Broken heart

    Please Lord, help me through this difficult time. I keep getting hurt by the man I love. I want to leave him but at the same time I want to help him to find his way back to you Lord like he was before. He’s lost in the darkness and I can’t just leave him there. I’m scared of the future and I’m so confused on what to do. If I decide to give up on him, please forgive me. But I know you won’t abandon him. Lord help me to become stronger. I trust you Lord.

  182. Need Help

    Dear god,
    I do not believe in you, yet. I lost faith long ago at some point in my childhood.
    So although I may not be welcome to pray or ask for anything, I’d like to pretend I believe in you and hope I eventually begin to.

    The reason I am here today is to ask that you give me the luck and strength I need to ace this exam tomorrow.
    Sincerely, someone that really needs the luck~

  183. Please jesus

    Please pray for me. Life seems to feel so heavy on my shoulder and i want to feel piece. God is the only person to help me through this difficult time. With your help lord please give me the strength to get theiugh all this drama and chaos in my life.

  184. Pray for me

    please pray for me feels like I have just bad luck on my side and this makes me an angry bitter person and I don’t want to be like this anymore I want my self confidence back, get a job I want to go back to the person happy kind loving person most of all I need to find a job

  185. ward off bad luck

    since moving to virginia , nothing good has happen ,fear has set in , fear of losing everything,

  186. help me on finals

    Dear Lord,

    Right now I am on land, and you are in heaven. I know you are watching over me. Today, unfortunately, is finals day for math and history. Please, please, please, please, please, please, and please help me. Let me pass my finals. I am desperate. Thank you, in the name of the father, the son, the Holy Spirit, AMEN!!!!!

  187. Police

    Please pray for me I have to go to this meeting tomorrow cause I had drugs with me at school and I’m finding out tomorrow what they are going to do it wasn’t the right decision to have them st school or at all please pray for me that all goes good thank you amen🙏🏽

  188. Dad's Prayer

    Please Lord help provide a better life. Help me manage to get my family back on financial track and out of debt.

  189. Prayers for guidance and good luck

    dear lord,
    please pray for me and give my guidance and good luck, I’ve been struggling these past few weeks trying to deal with school for the first time and trying to make my parents happy. I feel like such a huge disappointment and an embarrassment to my family. All I want is to be able to return to my school next semester to be able to prove everyone wrong and show them that what they think about me is wrong. I’m feeling lost and misguided trying to find myself. Please bless me with the confidence to proceed on show my inner strengths to everyone who doubted me.

  190. For my son

    I pray for strength and guidance for my son. He made a bad decision that could jeopardize his career. I pray for the people deciding his fate will see he is a good man and deserves a second chance. I pray he turns to you for hope and strength.

  191. for our kids/grandkids

    Father God we thank you for all the various blessings you gave to us (children’s/grandkids), you know who they are in 2016. Lord, we thank you for making me see the end of this year 2016 and for bringing me to the entrance of the new year 2017. Father, we thank You for the open doors, breakthrough, deliverance, healing, miracles, signs and wonders You performed in my life and in the lives of my loved ones, this year 2016. Thank You for fulfilling Your Word in my life and family. Thank You Lord for all the battles, trials, persecution, illnesses, losses, troubles, and all hard things we encountered in 2016. Thank You Lord for granting all my requests, in accordance to Your will. Jesus we appreciate You for making me Your ambassador on earth, in Jesus name.

    Lord, we pray that You empower me to live a sinless life from now and throughout my lifetime, in Jesus name.

    Oh God, forgive me every sin we committed against You in 2016, in Jesus name. Father, we confess that we sinned against You in the year 2016 we, hereby, repent of all known and unknown, willing and unwilling sins we committed in 2016, in Jesus name.

    Lord, we pray that You empower me to live a sinless life from now and throughout my lifetime, in Jesus name.

    Father, we thank you for the privilege to ask from You and receive all we ask in Jesus name My God, we ask that you grant my wisdom for excellence in 2017, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. we pray that you give me insight and a clear sense of direction for success in 2017, in Jesus name.

    God, we pray that you lead me peacefully to fulfill Your will for my life and destiny in 2017, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Lord, open my heart to comprehend the extent of Your love, blessings, healing and all good plans you have for my life for 2017. Oh God, we pray that you 2017 as my year of open doors for greatness, success, promotion, increase and joy in all areas of my life. LORD, we humbly ask that you grant me unlimited access into the reserved blessings, in Jesus name.

    we pray that the year 2017 shall be my year of good health and fulfillment, in Jesus name. Oh God, we ask that you lead me in 2017 to the heights of prosperity we have never attained before, in Jesus name.

    Father, create an entrance into fruitfulness for me as we enter into 2017, in Jesus name.

    LORD, we receive the key to open every door in 2017, to Your glory and for my benefits, in Jesus name.

    we receive the power to prosper, succeed, excel, overcome all evil and trials, be victorious and remain on top in 2017, in Jesus name.

    God, we receive the anointing of healing and miracles for 2017 in Jesus name.

    Sickness is not my portion any-more, in Jesus name.

    we receive the grace for unstoppable advancement in 2017 in Jesus name.

    In 2017, we receive a double portion of glory, success, good-health, profit, advancement, open-doors and divine appointments. we reject shame, hardship, failures, sicknesses, losses, stagnancy, setbacks, hindrances and disappointments we have suffered in past years, in Jesus mighty name.

    Every evil power assigned against my success in 2017, be bound in Jesus name.

    In Jesus’ name, we destroy every imagination of satanic forces against my breakthrough in 2017.
    Any agent of darkness assigned to bring shame, disappointment, disgrace, disfavor or any misfortune to me in 2017, we command you to fail in Jesus’ name.

    we command every stronghold of Satan on my prosperity, be broken as we enter 2017, in Jesus name.
    Every horn attacking or set to attack me in 2017, we scatter you all in Jesus name.

    we shatter every horn lifted up against me to bring shame in 2017.
    And we declare that the year 2017 is the year of the fulfillment of all God’s promises upon my life and family.
    Declaring boldly by faith that sickness, disease and untimely death is not for me nor for my loved ones in the year 2017 in Jesus name.

    we declare prophetically that in 2017, no or attack of any kind planned against me, in any way or in any form, shall succeed in Jesus name.
    Year 2017, we declare you as my year of “Divine Replacement.” Whatever evil is planned against me shall automatically fall on the heads of my enemies in Jesus name.

    we decree that “Unusual Favor” shall follow me in 2017, in Jesus mighty name.

    And we declare that 2017 is my year of the full manifestation of the gifts and calling of God upon my life.
    Prophetically declaring today that in the year 2017, “Total Restoration” is my portion, in Jesus name.

    we declare that the blessings of God will flow upon my life in 2017, from the very first hour in Jesus name. And we receive favorable conditions to sow my seeds and reap bountiful harvests in 2017 in Jesus mighty name.

    we decree “Open Doors for Breakthroughs” in all areas of my life in 2017, in Jesus name.

    With my hands wide opened, we receive 2017 as the year God will subdue all my enemies before me, wherever they are, and bring me to His divine Purpose.
    we pray Oh God, go before me and make every uneasiness peaceful, every pain to become gain, every sorrow turned to joy, every dryness to fruitfulness in Jesus name.

    In 2017, all the unbreakable gates and bars that hindered me in pasts year are broken in pieces, in Jesus mighty name.

    we prophetically declare today that in the year 2017, no witchcraft power, no demonic stronghold, no force of wickedness, no principality nor power shall be able to touch me or any of my loved ones, in Jesus mighty name. And we decree that no enchantment or divination against me shall succeed in Jesus name.

    we decree that my blessings shall locate me in 2017, in Jesus name.
    Unusual Provision is my portion in 2017, in Jesus name.

    That our children and grandkids will be watch by your angles and touch them every night and day and heal there pain sickness in there body and soul and bless them with all in finance and happiness, Jesus name.

    And we declare that in 2017, we shall be (remain) the head, be ahead, be above, be victorious, be fulfilled, be successful in all my endeavors in Jesus mighty name.

  192. Prayer

    Its been a tough year Lord Jesus. I also havent kept close to you even though I know you are always there. So many trials this year Jesus. I can deal with them, I have seen my strength but I just need some looking after me too. Please give me some peace, a break, some caring. I try my best but sometimes I need a little extra help to make at least some things ok in my life, especially now. Please hear my prayer, in your name Amen.

  193. Please help me

    I just finish taking the exam please god help me pass it I’m doing it for more my mother I don’t want to leave her with bills I messed up in the pass I know what I can offer is not a lot but please god I’m doing everything it takes to help my mother out

  194. Please help me

    Please lord help me pass this medical exam I’m trying to have a good job so I don’t see my mom struggling to help and provide for my family please lord please lord be with me today

  195. Lost

    Dear heavenly father, First i want to thank you for everything you have given me and for the health of my children. At times I feel like I don’t have enough but then I remember you only give me what you know I can handle. It’s been a rough year and a half. Everything me and my kids have been through a nasty divorce and heart break, but I thank you for opening my eyes and making me realize that the only thing important in my life should be you and my kids. I ask you Lord for strength, my family doesn’t understand me I left everything and they told me they would always help me and for the last year and a half I have struggled and I have cried at times i have felt parts of me die and no one has helped me, but i have pushed forward with your help and blessings. Keep blessing me and never leave my side without you father I am nothing.


  196. Confidence builder

    Lord, well here goes please stand by me in this time that I’m adjusting to In my life its going in a different direction and fast I just feel a little lost for the first time I can’t see what’s next and I need to build my confidence because of the stutter that I have I just need to be blessed with a little luck please
    Thank you,

  197. pray for finding work

    Please help me find a job so I can pay my bills and have that worry gone for my daily

  198. Gods lucky blessing

    Dear God please bless me and my family you have done so much for me all my life i come before you to ask for help again .Help me to stay on a path that you set for me and not to go ashay like I always seem to do bless me to make it right with my mom to make our relationship strong again and my sweet daughter that’s fighting her mental illness every day bring good changes to our lives like you always have show me the way god also bless all the people that have put their prayer’s on this page give us all the strength to make another day shine your bright light on all of us bless all the people that have ill feeling towards me I love them all thank you for everything

  199. Gods lucky blessing

    Dear God please bless me and my family you have done so much for me all my life i come before you to ask for help again .Help me to stay on a path that you set for me and not to go ashay like I always seem to do bless me to make it right with my mom to make our relationship strong again and my sweet daughter that’s fighting her mental illness every day bring good changes to our lives like you always have show me the way god also bless all the people that have put their prayer’s on this page give us all the strength to make another day shine your bright light on all of us bless all the people that have ill feeling towards me I love them all thank you for everything

  200. Forgive me

    Dear father, I really messed up this time. I shouldn’t have done this and I promise if you help me get through this, i will repay you in anyway. I’m extremely sorry and I hope you know that. Please continue to watch over my loved ones and I. Help me get through this and forgive me for what I have done. I hope you can see through this and help me out:) please help James get through what he’s going through and be okay. Thank you for. Everything, I hope you will be able to forgive me for the wrong I have committed❤

  201. strength

    Please Lord hear my prayers. I am hoping that my oldest son is able to move on with his life and that my youngest son is able to return to his team and learn some self control. Amen

  202. prayer for my family and job

    i ask that you pray for me.. throughout my time working and trying to become a better person everyday.. God please look over me through any difficult situation. I ask that you bring nothing but luck and good opportunities in my life. No weapon formed against me nor my family shall prosper! _amen

  203. Blessing a Mother And Child

    Dear, god thanking You For Allowing me to see another day. I come to you because I have a lot weighting on my heart . I’m very confused on what is the “Right” thing to do. I love working but I miss my baby . I decided for the best for my child I’ll quit and focus more on her .. I mean they are times things get hard but I keep my head up and pray about it . I want to thank you for everything you done for me and I pray you bless me with some blessings

  204. PRAYER

    Please pray for Me, I’m going through a hard time with the love of my life I knoe I did wrong but I will never again she’s my everything and I just need her as mine again, please god please I beg of you I will do anything for her amen.

  205. Prayer for good fortune

    Dear lord I pray that you please help my grandmother get the apartment of her dreams. She has taken care of me all her life and now that I am going to college I want the absolute best for her. Recently she found and apartment for sale and it’s remodeled and absolutely stunning. It’s like a dream come true for her. She deserves the absolute best. She has taken care of my mother and I for years with my mom battling breast cancer I pray you please help her. Another offer was received yesterday along with ours for the apartment. I ended up giving her money from my savings account to help for a down payment. It would make her so happy and that’s all I want.

  206. Observation

    Please God help me with this work observation. Please guide me to be the best teacher in this moment and every moment going forward. Thank you for blessing me with this job.Please let my principal see how hard I work and how much I care for these children. Let the students work hard and stay on task. Please help me and give me the confidence.

  207. I need luck & love in my life

    Dear lord ,it’s been so long since I’ve prayed. 🙏🏼😓 I want to thankyou for the blessings and the lessons that came along the way thus far. Father, I ask you for blessing. I appreciate how you made me I’m beautiful noting is wrong with me from head to toe ! But lord I lack self confidence. I feel that your preasinse isn’t with me .in so many ways I let myself down & get to easily discouraged. Father you known me from childhood from family abuse to life crisis from such a young age if it wasn’t your will I wouldn’t be here lord. I’m successful now never needed a man nor helping hand to go about life .. Because you heard my prayers listened to my cries. But lord now I feel lonely I’m in a state where I know no one. The friend I thought I had I lost. Discouraged and suppressed Father it’s getting difficult and I’m not getting any younger please lord bless me with a loving and respectful man that’s all I ask. let the curse end in Jesus name

  208. Luck

    My luck has not been very good lately. I pray that you give me guidance tonight at the casino and direct me to the winning machines so that I can bless my children with an amazing vacation and fun family time. Amen

  209. Luck and Strength

    Dear God

    The past few years have been hard, but please give me luck and strength in the next few weeks as I await important decisions with regards to my future.

  210. prayer for help

    Lord, please help me to solve every difficulties that I face in my life. Please give me all that I love and wish for. Give me a life filled with joy and satisfaction. Lord please help me. Shower your blessings. Do miracles. I’ll be greatful and thankful to you and i’ll praise you for all that you have done to me. Amen.

  211. Please, please pray for me

    Please pray for me. I’m at such a low point where I’m dreading going to school each day not because I’m being bullied or anthing like that it’s just that I’m always having this fear of being left out by my friends throughout the whole school day and it’s just gotten to the point of me being so excluded by my friends that I’m just terrified of having any school trips or projects where we need to find a partnership of 2 and me being all alone since I’m in a friendship of 3 girls where the other 2 girls leave me out and I’m all by myself (not all the time though sometimes I am included by the same girl always including me but am constantly being excluded by the other girl who prefers the girl who tries to include me since we don’t get along that great). I’d really appreciate if at least someone out there reading this write now would be able to pray for me and help me out with this dilemma I’m going through right now. Thank you.

    sincerely, Liz

  212. To Liz x

    Liz , I Am in the exact same situation as you . I am a boy and I also feel as if I am left out and I feel as if I’m talked about behind there backs all the time and I just feel awful about it and I can’t do anything about it. Dw my prayers are with you X

  213. Lord please help

    I need you today lord more than ever please let this go just once I really need u today in court I’m not at fault for this so please lord be there for me today

  214. Black cloud

    Dear god,

    The last few years have been very hard for my family. While I know we are blessed in many ways it seems this black cloud over us just wont go away. Please help the outcome for my daughter be good for in the long term, my neighbor to find peace and happiness again, for us as a family to find some tranquillity and an easier road for us to follow , please lift the black cloud that follows us


  215. My daughter

    Pleasr god, let my daughter’s day in court go her way. She needs this break in life, to start fresh and new.

  216. Prayer for Luck

    Please pray that I am lucky today and that everything works out for me and my son. I have made some poor decisions lately and need prayers that these decisions don’t negatively affect me and my son. Please, Lord, please, help me overcome this trial and I will be forever grateful.

  217. Gudiance

    Please for my Gudiance. Pray for my achiells and to retain strength. I ask that my volleyball skills come back and more stronger. Pray that in the next month I have a new volleyball family and too be %100 healed. Thank you.

  218. THank You for good health

    THank You Lord for recognizing my efforts and keeping me healthy and safe, now with patience a little help

  219. Black cloud

    Lord am asking you to please guide and protect me in my work environment and asking you to please show me who my friends are.. For the past two months I am not doing well at work I always hit my goal at the end of the month.. I don’t know what is happening now please am asking you to pray for me.

  220. Luck

    Dear father please continue to bless my family and I. I feel like I am running out of time with my career choice. Please continue to guide to me success and allow me to grow into a better person. I need the all the luck in order to accomplish my goals this month. You have allowed me to get this far in life. Please guide me in the right direction.

  221. Pfayers

    I don’t always make the best decisions . I keep making the wrong with good intentions. I want to make decisions that are reflective of my appreciation of God. Please don’t let my family suffer for my bad choices. I love you God. Please don’t give up on my

  222. Prayer for help and luck

    If I meet you halfway today would you help? I know the answer like i know your near me when i sense it, One can’t really prove to anyone if they sense like yourself they know it to be true, Please protect my friend, and make him feel loved and appreciated not alone and isolated, Please make everyone count to ten concerning world affairs we need to stop the escalation and the need to feel that we are always right, when we really aren’t and there are many anwers ro a problem

  223. Lord please help my friend nieghbor

    I know this site is for prosperity but isn’t good health prosperity too? If You can Lord make it easier on all of us dealing with agencies and health issues

  224. Career

    Dear Lord, please give me wisdom and strength in making the right decisions in pursuing and finding work that will finally provide prosperity for me and my family. Thank you. Amen

  225. A Little help please

    Lord I never ask or pray directly unless its real tough time and it is and also help my neighbor get better with Dialysis if you acn as well friend in Hosp in CA

  226. i really need Gods help and you guys prayers

    oh lord i no am a sinner pls forgive me, remember me oh lord cos without you am just nobody, bless me with money and good luck so i can help my family we are crying onto you lord

  227. Please Help

    Lord Jesus, I am trying to be good for you and my family. I do not want to let anyone down. Everyday I seem to make the wrong decisions and it costs me emotionally, financially, and physically. I am asking for your help in getting through the day. Things have to get better.

  228. Need help Lord

    I don’t normally ask without cause, but without food or meds to get through the month I really need help for the next 10 days and even bigger help if it leads to that with a little luck with bigger needs, Also Lord My Neighbor needs help able to afford a dryer we tried to fix yesterday and My Friends tenant south needs a job to help her with rent she owes , Not too much Huh?

  229. help

    lord please help by guiding me through this difficult time in my life & also give me strength for tomorrow is a big day for me to help provide and my family and a big step towards the right direction

  230. Thanks to God I have become a better person

    I hope you will do the same and I know that this prayer and all christian prayers will forever lend you a place in Heaven.

  231. Jesus it easier on Steve, Ray, Pauly, Me also

    Just some luck tonight please Lord so Ac repair is easier for Steve, Health better for Ray and stress go away, Pauly try not to explode and learn why, and me I need help with house and monthly Income
    I never been so specific in a prayer, as recently But If i can’t ask directly and make the words sound like so many other prayers for help and prosperity, then why sugar coat, right?
    Also On my own tonight get things in order, thanks

  232. Lord Please help me with some luck tonight

    Please lord while straighten house please help me with some monetary luck tonight

  233. Going threw tough time

    I am going threw a bad time I have been were I am for 27 years and breathe owner decides to not fix nothing and keeps raising my rent it’s hard trying to find a place I can afford I need money to get a place but it’s just not happing

  234. Love you lord

    Oh lord while we walk through this dark time of the unknown. We pray that you bless our son with good health we pray his results doesn’t affect our beautiful baby boy. You have already blessed our family with so much lord and for that we’re extremely grateful. In this moment of anguish and despair we ask you lord for guidance understanding and most importantly that you protect us and ensure that our baby boy will have a long healthy life. In Jesus name amen.

  235. This evening

    Please Lord hear my prayer I need some luck this evening as i await news on Refi also money to eat and work through holiday so I can make my responsibilities, so this evening please , guide my instincts

  236. Thank You God

    I appreciate you for all that you do for me!! I dont say it enough but thank you for always being there for me – Jared

  237. Healing n money

    Dear lord guide me in the right my mom shes in terrible need of healing.ive been a bad daughter.i promise to be more me financia,l I’m sinking once again.plesse lord help me as a woman/ daughter/ mother/ sister.n girlfriend..

  238. Thank You Lord

    Thank you Lord for the Strength you give me on daily basis…thank you for your protection…please Lord help my dreams come true…I had bad luck for so long now it’s time for me to receive abundantly


  239. Lord, I pray to keep my kids safe and happy in my home town

    Lord, please grant the board of appeals the wisdom to choose to keep my kids safe and happy in the town in which they grew up in. Please Lord. I beg of you to grant me this one request.

  240. Im sorry

    Dear lord,

    I don’t know exactly how to go about to doing this. I partially just need to talk really. That few months have been a crazy ride. I constanly asked for strength and guidance and I feel like I got what I needed. But I made such a bad mistake last night which resulted in losing the only person I care about.. I am at a loss, no idea what to do from this point on. I really can use some strength to overcome this hurdle in my life because there’s no way I can deal with this alone. Id love if you helped guide the people I care about aswell I may not be able to be there for them anymore but itll help knowing they are not alone.


  241. Please pray

    Dear god thank you for giving my loved ones the opportunity to be able to live without money hastles. Please provide me with forgiveness on my negative actions. As I constantly try to improve myself.

  242. In your hands

    Dear Lord,
    I humbly come to you now to ask for your strength, wisdom, and love. I pray to you dear father, that you guide us through this fight. I have faith that you will feel it is in grandma’s best intrest to stay home with, and help me prevent certain family members from putting her in a home. I have taken care of her for 10 years while they stayed away. With all the love and faith in my heart, in Jesus name i pray. Amen!

  243. Thank you

    Thank you lord for helloing my son be healthy. Ian’s giving me the strength to complete my obligations to the best of my ability

  244. Just need luck

    I want to thank you for everything you’ve allowed me to do the past 25 years. I want to thank you for giving me the strength to get through what I did. I want to ask you for some luck as Daniel completes the biggest accomplishment thus far. Give us the strength and financial hope we need. AMEN

  245. Please send me good luck

    I need some positivity in my life right now. I need help. Please be there to guid me and help me. Thank you

  246. Dear Lord

    Please help this sinner. I’ve been ill for such a long time and I want to be of use in doing good in the world and making people happy, but I can’t even look after myself right now. Please help me, Lord, I know I am bad and weak and unworthy, but please help me to help others. My life is so very dark. Please give me some light. Amen. Isla.

  247. Help me God

    Please help me get everything right on the Math Kangaroo year coming soon. Thank you…

  248. Thank you for watching over me

    Lord, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. I know in life I have made many mistakes and praise you for your forgiveness. These last few years you have led me back on the right bath and have blessed me with so many things. There are a few things I still am trying to overcome, and even though the finically woes of a few years ago are gone, my life is still impacted by those horrible choice I made. I pray that you continue to shine your light on me and my family, all that praise you and even those who have gotten off path. Please allow me to receive the financial relief I continue to pray for even knowing there are more important things then my request. Whether I receive the relief or no I will continue to be thankful for all you have done for me. Amen

  249. Spring is here

    As we enter this Holy week I like to thank the fortunate help of my friend Steve and his efforts to improve his home please bless us with wellness and prosperity

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