Prayer for Guidance and Courage

by Heidy Herrera (Silver Spring MD)

Please pray for Heidy Herrera, I have been in a relationship with my sons father for five years!! His never really been there for my son like he wanted!! i didn’t let him , because there was something about his life that It didn’t feel right.

He was my bestfriend, until December 14, 10 he came to let me know that he will be away. Than he explained to me that one of the individual that work with him in his company was doing bad business and that I had told him never cross his mind.

Well, he trusted the wrong accounting and the wrong companies to invest on. That he will be serving about 6 month to a year and that he didn’t know when will he come home. Now, he calls me and writes e-mail saying that he left me down on many things and that his willing to changed. That we are the best thing and only family that he has. I remember, before that I kept on praying to god to please removed anyone that will cause me harm and a year later this happens.

I keep on praying, god show me the right path and guide me to a godly relationship, but first he should be my first on everything in my daily life.