prayer for guidance and a loyal trustworthy relationship

by Child Of God (Usa)

Please pray for me for I think I ruined the magical relationship brought to me by fate. I questioned him and now I don’t think he likes metallic I wanted was to make sure he still likes me and he does and I like him too if I could only have the opportunity for him to realize I’m right for him like he did not too long ago and keep in his heart my love for him and let him text me first and show me he likes me for sure and asks me to hangout.

I don’t want anything to change nor be ruined because I questioned his feeling for me please help me worry less and for everything to turn out right and we can be happy together as bf gf by the end of this moth as agreed 🙂 please and thanks you I love you God your always there for me amen
I have faith in you and in me and andrew