Prayer for guidance

by Lucy ()

Dear God, I’m sorry if I have a written to you in a long time I’m sorry if I don’t pray as often as before but In my heart you remain always you are next to me everyday of my life and i know you are guiding me through it all. thank you for my life and for the strength you have given me. I don’t cry as often as before I can honestly say that I am happy person no matter what I am blessed everyday I wake up you are so amazing to me.. I know lately I’ve been making some crazy choices with my overall relationships I know that I need to tone it down and choose better I do get lonely and I can be promiscuous at times I’m sorry I don’t know what gets into me I don’t know if that’s right or wrong. I enjoy my sexuality I don’t want to sleep around Diosito I rather just sleep with one person but of course you are my guidance my confidant you know my darkest secrets I do love everything about my life I know I need to improve my finances and get a better job I need to completely focus please keep me away from people that are not good for me help me protect myself…also I’m excited to enter a new chapter in my life and I put that situation in your hands I hope it works for the better and helping someone at that needs this and I’m helping myself as well I thank you for all the opportunities and I love you with all my heart I know you are looking out for me… I’m still the girl that believes in love and marriage and hope to be a mom soon but I leave that up to you I will try my best to a better person and to relax and take a step back I know you can help me Diosito… please protect my family and friends and give them all the happiness they deserve also I still think about him and wish him the best tell him I love him but I’m learning to live without him and that I thank you for god you saw my pain I would cry so much every night you heard my prayers and little by little you are healing me thank you so much for that I love you god amen

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