Prayer for grief, anxiety, and reconciliation

by JP (Fontana, CA)


My twin 18 year old boys are estranging themselves from me and Im uncertain as to why. The uncertainty of them never returning is causing me horrible anxiety, making my skin crawl with discomfort over all that has occurred. Please let them be reminded that they have a mother who truly loves them and doesn’t want much, just a warm place to fall. Let them feel the accountability for their sins, and soften their hearts to STOP listening to lies and creating lies about their life. They need to make peace with Jesus and with their family who stand behind me because they know how wrong the boys were. We stood on respect and had rules, and they simply would not follow them. They are being deceived by others and lying about circumstances to gain attention and compassion, let their lies be exposed. Let their Christian conscience awaken and let them feel your presence and know you are very real and life without you is so empty. Let them feel convicted when they lie and Lord, teach them to feel remorse for all the pain they have caused now and over the years and want to have peace with their Mom, stepdad, and other two siblings.

We acknowledge Lord our imperfections, but by your grace and mercy we are forgiven, and want to see these boys rise in strength to know without Jesus and family their lives are not complete. Mother’s day is coming Lord and I would like you to touch them now and show them all the good I have done and the tolerance I had was beyond most moms.

I want them to feel our love, and to redeem their hope in you, and keep them safe in your loving arms, let them feel the holy spirit come shining through into their hearts as I pray for them, let the goose bumps and their hearts and minds be filled with thoughts and feeling of Me and remember all that I have done. I ache in pain Lord, for them. Please take my pain and turn it into passion and peace. I pray for peace to enter me from the moment I wake up dear Lord. Take this anxiety and cast it out and fill me with the confidence that they will return to me and set aside all doubts that tey are gone. They appear to be trying to hurt me Lord and I rebuke that pain back to them Lord, as I follow your word. As I desire more than anything for them to know you again, I ask that you keep them clean of illegal drugs and acknowledge that medication and or therapy is needed for them to regain peace, and fill their lives with people of faith. Their words are lies and confusion, help them to see the truth as we know it. We are faithful to you, and want to feel good about being on this planet pursuing all that you have for me. Lord, you have allowed this to happen and you have a plan for me, please show me what you would have me do. Give me your strength, because I am weak. I love you dear Jesus, I want so much to have you be in my heart and mind all the time so that no more darkness can even enter in. I love you Lord. In Jesus mighty name, Amen

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