Prayer for Grandma

by Elizabeth (Brooklyn, NY)

Lord I pray that you heal my Grandmother Lucille Hunt who is currently in the hospital fighting for her life. Lord I pray for all those who are sick in addition to my Grandmother and in need of your gifts of healing and prayer. Lord there is nothing too impossible for you to perform, and healing from any disease or illness is what you will and can do if we believe and trust in your Holy word. Lord I believe, my Grandmother believes, all those who are ill believe, and those who may not believe….Lord give them the strength, understanding and knowledge they need to believe.

Lord my eyes are open, help those with eyes closed shut to no longer be blind to you and your gifts as you have done for me. You are a magnificent healer amongst many things and an Awesome God.

I have been blessed to be a living witness and testimony of all that you can do, especially how you can heal anyone of your children from things that the world deemed as impossible to be healed from….and Lord I ask that you continue to do the same for me, my Grandmother, and others who are ill as well as need your protection and covering to be healed forever from their sicknesses.

Thank you lord for the gift of Prayer, Healing, Tongues, Discernment, Love, Strength, Holy Spirit, your word, truth and light (bible), Holy Ghost, and a host of other gifts that are a blessing to us daily. We are forever grateful. We love you for all you have and will do. In the name of Jesus we pray…Amen, Amen, And Amen!