Prayer for granddaughter

Dear Heavenly Father

I ask that you wrap your loving arms around my grandaughter Sonnie
Lord she lost her father at the age of 3 but she remembers him she yearns to know him
She has been in and out of trouble since age 15 she will be 18 soon Lord I lay her at your feet i ask that you save her father she questions you she believes in you but she is a teenager I ask that you give her a revalation of you God.

She cant sleep alone bad dreams she had panic attacks about if the world will end and where do we come from I tell her read your bible Our lifes story is in it
Help her father

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  1. Prayers for my lost son & granddaughter

    Please pray for my son. He is lost completely. He has dropped out of school and now has a child he cannot raise. He treats her like property. He and his wife have are not competent to raise my grand daughter. She has no chance with them. My son sells marijuana and will not work. The mother has one child taken away already. I have no one to talk to. People are always talking to me and don’t ever listen to my concerns. They don’t hear my heart. So I’m asking you, the Christian community to pray for her as no one else in my family will. Please pray for my grand daughter and for me to have courage to live again. I have given up after a recent crisis and now this. I am helpless. No one will listen to me, that’s how I got to this sad place in the first place. My son is lost and incapable of raising a child, nor is the mother. Please pray for my grand daughter. She is beautiful beyond words. Please pray for my mother too. She has cancer and my son lived with her before they had a fight. it’s a debacle. Nothing in my life is good/normal anymore. What was once good is gone. I have lost hope as I have no one. Please pray for them/us. Thank you so very much.

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