Prayer for granddaughter!

by Rhonda ()

Please pray for my 10 year old granddaughter! My daughter Jena was a freight addict and after giving birth to Ava, both came home from hospital and Ava has lived with us since then. When Ava was around 4, her mother who was doing drugs again, moved out and continued with drugs. We got custody of Ava and she has lived with us since. When she was 5 and recently again, we have had to put her in counseling! She is not able at times to control her anger and is verbally abusive and recently has become physically abusive to me. She basically throws a fit and refuses calm down for awhile. Her dad has never been in her life. My daughter and the father were doing drugs when Ava was conceived while Jena was in Tennessee, Ava is a wonderful child who most of the time is well behaved but she is having these tantrums 2 or 3 times a week. Please pray that Gods heals this child’s hurting heart who we love so very much so she can have a normal life. Jena has now been drug free for five years and lives in Texas which the father of her other two children(not Ava’s father). This year Jena and I explained everything that led to why she is living with us instead of with her mom hoping if she understood everything, she would know it wasn’t anything she did or wasn’t her fault, but this didn’t stop the outburst she has every week. I’m sorry this is so long but just wanted you to know her history! Please help me pray for healing of my precious granddaughter !

Thank you!!!

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