Prayer for Grace,Guidance,and Healing

by Danielella (USA)

My Lord, my God, I put all my faith and trust in You. I’ve called out to you on many occasions,sometimes I’d lose my thoughts on what to say. Please accept this prayer as it expresses what I’m feeling today.

Please Pray for Tan,she’s in the hospital. Please guide us out of this financial mess. I feel like my world is collapsing around me. Please Dear God protect my family, do not let them suffer for my mistakes.

Forgive for my past financial mistakes and help me to find my way out of them. Please help me to stay strong as I ask others for help today. I can no longer do this on my own. Please pray for God’s grace and guidance for me and my family. Thank You in faith through the precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus Amen Amen

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