Prayer for good permanent government job

by Lien ()

Please pray for me, I am married and expecting a child by december this year and I want my child to have a good life and I able to provide basic amenities of life. I was provided with all basic amenities by my parents. I did use my parents earning properly spend on me for education, I have completed my post graduate. I have been trying since few years for a permanent government suitable job. But luck is not in my favour. I have nevered prayed for permanent job because I was hoping it might happen one day but with the passes of time I’m losing my age limitations in most of permanent category. My recent job application is my last hope, very soon I will not be eligible to sit for any exams. So I really need everyone’s prayer, i dont want to be a failure father I’m losing myself confidence, how would I encourage my child if I’m broken from inside. Please pray for me, remember in your household family prayers. I’m requesting Jesus to grant this small prayer, I have never made a prayer for job but with the passing of time I’m broken to pray. Dear faithfuls please pray for me.

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