Prayer for good life with God

by Ivan (Zagreb, Croatia, Europe)

My dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the life you invited me into. As I think of you as of happiness itself, I find you in my happy moments. There is something in my deep essence that atracts jellousy of others even at the times when I have been broken by all means. Then these thoughts pull me even deeper and they hardly ever settle. I remember of the nice life that I had a long time ago and always try to jump back into it, as I feel you were walking in my steps then. I know you are also close to me now and I know there is a possibility, I can’t figure out, that you can’t help me but I still love you. And I wish happiness to those people also but I beg you for your protection. Please if someone prays for me please listen. Make them joyfull and let life be the happiest song to them as I also pray for them. Thank you. Amen

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