Prayer for good health, strength and financial break through

by Wanga (Uganda)

I am a 25 year old lady currently expecting my first child.I am six months pregnant and I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful gift. However this preganancy journey has been very tough for me especially between the months of November upto late January. First the father of my baby who is a Canadian citizen suddenly stopped calling and texting me plus sending me any form of support from November. Secondly, his change of character caused me a lot of pain that and at one point I was admitted for two days in January with depression and malaria which I have just recovered from. The last we talked was when I was in the hospital and he doesn’t know if Iam alive or dead. Kindly, my prayer request is, God to provide for all my financial needs including my rent, medical money and food as well as money to prepare my baby’s delivery. I also ask God to give me good health and open more doors for me so that I may work hard and pay for my outstanding bills and debts. I also ask God to help me forgive my boyfriend for neglecting his responsibilities and to reveal to me what his intention are. Iam going through alot and I need serious prayers and God to prove to me that He really can’t give you a burden that you can’t bare. Through Christ our Lord I believe God will show me his hand and help me go through this journey and show me His will. Amen

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