Prayer for good health, new business, happiness and prosperity

by Carla (Bacolod)

Lord, thank you so much for being there always to guide us and love us unconditionally.

Lord, we are starting a new business (taxi, transportation) and we are surrendering everything to you for its success.

Lord, give us the strength, the wisdom, guidance and protection as a family as we carry out this business to its success.

May everyone of us who are the stakeholders of this business and undertaking will have the full support, protection, guidance and wisdom from you oh dear Lord.

Help us in our decisions, interactions and reactions Lord when we do this business Lord.

This is very precious to us because this is for our dearest Nanay and Tatay and us siblings.

I know that you are always there for us oh Lord and we will continue to pray each moment in order to carry out this new undertaking with ease.

Bless everyone involved in this business and always protect us Lord.

Thank so much and Amen.


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