Prayer for Good Health from high blood sugar

Dear Lord,

You’ve come to my aid so many times before. Long before I declared myself as yours.

I’m not well but for years you’ve kept me well through your heavenly guidance and wisdom. I should have been more grateful. But now things have gotten worst. It is my doing. I didn’t obey.

Please God I repent my disobedience. I pray that you will forgive me and restore me to grace. Let my body be well again.

Let me be steadfast in your will and let me be blessesd with a divine healing.

In Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving because you’ve heard my prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit — Amen

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  1. I agree

    I agree with you for healing (if any two agree, it shall be done). I personally do both, pray, but also do all I can using what God has given us, eating right and herbs. God gave us these things for our health. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine” and a lot of problems are from diet, as many foods today have too much sugar. Read my chat at

  2. Prayer for good health from high blood sugar

    Read and listen to your prayers over and over again with your inner ears and understand believing with your inner mind, and you would know that you are God’s beloved. You are already healed. Believe in your healing and ignore the seeming condition of high blood sugar, which is merely the devil’s suggestion. Your faith is stronger than your condition, so says God your creator.

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