Prayer for Good Employment, Family Safety and Children’s Welfare

by Jas (Philippines)


its been a month, that i ask for an employment… and you answer it!! thank you LOrd… the next step is that Lord i ask for your guidance of my decision my action,guidance of every step of the way.. your love & forgiveness..

Lord as i go far from my family and work as a DH in abroad.. you Lord, is the one that i can hold on, please Lord always guide me… please make my employer treat me, as a person that God also created… if i commit mistake please help me.. Help Lord everyday…please.. give me strength.. clear mind and healthy body.

Lord, i will leave my children, to earn money.. for them to finished their studies, always guide them, love them and always be with them…

in the name Jesus Christ my Lord please here my prayer..thank you Lord.. and forgive my sins..

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