Prayer for Good Employment and To Be Treated Like a Human

by DK (Ocean, NJ. USA)

Dear Lord,

Help me to find work that is good, that helps others, where my boss doesn’t want to fire me. I have not had work for 2 and 1/2 years. I can not pay for my car. I can not pay bills. I am full of fear that any job I get will be for another mean person who does not respect my hard work. I try to do a good job but when my bosses change their mind about me, I feel like a failure.

Not all of my superiors have felt this way. I have had successes. But the one in power to get rid of me always does and I am shattered. The ones who like me can not stop the others. I always think the jobs come from you, God, and then I wonder why I am in another bad job.

I try to make the job work/last and I am treated worse and worse until I am unable to sleep and eat. I know that the boss wants me to quit as they have someone else they want to give the job to.

Please, God, help me to support myself and do Your will. Amen.

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