Prayer for God’s will to be revealed in my life

by Joyce ()

I knew this guy as friends in my class and we were friends since 2 years ago. 5 months ago, we got together as couple. We have gone through tough time together. Although we fought many times, we still love each other very much. I knew it was my fault that every time there is a fight between us, I will be asking for break up.

Last week we had another big fight and we did not talk to each other for one day. Then I got angry and wrote him nasty email. He read the email and became furious. Then he disappeared for the next few days. I have been texting him and calling him, unfortunately he did not answer my calls or sms. He just text me and told me that he is not ready to speak now and for now he couldnt continue.

To me, this is not a specific answer and what am I going to do during this period of time while he cools down? How long will he take to talk again? I just need to resolve this issues once and for all. After a day or two, I began worried and I send sms to him and call him to talk as a friend. He did not answer my calls or reply my sms despite the fact that I kept calling him.

In the history of our courtship, he never ignore me like this before. Finally he blamed me for disturbing him and in his angry message, he reiterated that he can’t continue. I have stopped all my contacts to him from that day onwards. 2 weeks had passed, I still miss him very much and he never call me anymore 🙁

I’m in pain as I was hurt by his actions deeply. How can he just disappeared without giving me an answer? Can you pray for me so that God could send me his strength to overcome this and forget him so that I can move on in life? Thanks.