Prayer for God’s will over my relationships, guidance

by A RN (Arizona)

Love is not always pretty. I understand, but it cant be this dysfunctional. I have loved the same man for ten years and though we have broken up five times, I cant think of anyone else Id like to be with.

The problem is he does not believe in God. He gets angry when I pray AND I pray all the time. Its one of the most important actions in my daily life. I realize I am the problem because I keep asking him back into my life.

It feels like Groundhods Day. If you all would please pray for him to find Jesus and us to be together forever OR me to be free of him in mind, body and soul then I believe it will help.

Father, I come to You with my heart open and grateful. I know you are busy and have listened to me talk about this man before. I’m asking that You please deliver me from confusion, strong holds, self-condemnation and disquiet.

I’m asking that you take hold of my relationships and purge out all that is not of you. I’m asking for your guidance and peace through this strange time. Please watch over me and my family, him and his family and all the readers and their families. Please let Your will be done and give us peace within the changes that you make, amen.