Prayer for God’s Strength and Guidance During Fasting

by Clayton (Brooklyn, New York)

Heavenly Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth:

Here I am bowing in the spirit and bowing in the flesh. Humbling myself before you seeking your mercy, your forgiveness, your love, your guidance, your strength and your instruction.

Father, you gave your Son, Jesus Christ that I might live and prosper and reflect your majesty in the earth. In my life you have dealt with me so bountifully. Thank you for every provision.

Thank you for the creation and the sustaining of my life, of which there is no measure of it that I can repay. Father, you are Almighty and Omnipotent in your way. You are great and mighty. You have kept me until this day. Thank you, for without you I would cease to exist.

I acknowledge, Lord God that you have spoken many times for me to fast the length of time of 90 days and I have attempted to without success. In fact, I have seemed to be entangled in many distractions.

From worrying about a place to stay, trying to build my business, and mainly the sudden illness (liver cancer) that my beloved mother received.

I am ashamed that not even her diagnosis and daily struggles with the illness has moved me to tears, worry, confusion and even anger. Yet, has not moved me to complete the fast. In considering how many times I have started and then stopped, i have come to realize that there is something amidst.

Something spiritual that seeks to prohibit me from fulfilling the great assignment of completing the fast that I believe in my heart will break the strongholds and yokes off of me, the prophetic and healing ministry inside of me and release my mom from her illness.

Precious savior, forgive me. I acknowledge that I am an imperfect servant. A lowly sinner who is fails without your strength. My God, forgive me as I do seek to draw nearer to you. Forgive me and show me great and wondrous things in the spirit. Help me Father, to do as you request. Help me to not resist your plans for my life.

Help me Lord God to renew an upright spirit and relationship with you that I might be of great service to you in the earth. Bless me that I may complete the fast and draw near unto you. Bless me that I may prophesy by the functioning of the holy spirit with Christ-like accuracy. Bless me that spiritual and physical healing will flow through me into the lives and bodies of others as you see fit and for your glory.

Bless me so that the businesses that you are birthing in me might be blessed as well and used for your glory. Bless me that one day you might look upon me from your high place, even from thy throne and say I am well pleased. In Jesus name, I beseech you to do it, now. Do it indeed. Amen.